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  1. NetizenSteve

    Training Academy

    I'm interested in joining US 93 in order to establish a Training Academy. I'm looking for a few experienced players who are friendly, creative, and extremely patient, who would like to join me in this endeavor. I would also like to establish a Network/Council consisting of as many alliance...
  2. NetizenSteve

    Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    Server Intel: The Redcoats This thread is for ALL adversaries of The Redcoats to gather and share intel on our common enemy. (Espionage Reports, Battle Reports exposing Redcoat troop losses, intel on inactive members, etc., etc.. Our world map is posted here along with locations of...
  3. NetizenSteve

    Current Affairs O54

    Is there anyone who can shed light on what the current state of affairs is within O54? Who is fighting who? Who has a pact with who?
  4. NetizenSteve

    Late Start

    I last played several years ago, known as PersianKing, founder of Bazaar Tactics on US-Lamda back in 2013. I've gotten a bit of a late start on this server, I've purchased all advisors for 105 days, in the game for the duration of the world. Looking for anyone who recognizes my name who I may...