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  1. Troops supporting

    In the Troops outside tab on administrator. can we get a search icon there like in the command overview where we can select a supported city and return all troops from the 1 city with 1 click. every now and again you support someone that is not on when siege is over to send all troops home
  2. Divine Envoy / Favor Tade

    Since Divine envoy hav not so mych use for many other than conventional favor farming why not buff them a little? So add a button for support with DE .. you have to send them as support to be able to send favor from one city to another... since DE are not affected by gods when switching a god...
  3. Premade for Babylos

    anyone interested without a home.....
  4. Byblos - Premade

    We have a premade starting up. Only rules are be active and Have fun! Will be deciding on a time to go in soon. if interested reply here and we will get it worked out
  5. Hero for luck

    How about a hero that improves chances for + luck????? or boosts luck by x% per level so if you get -25 luck on an attack it'll bring it up some???