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  1. a pebble

    The Trolls - Alliance

    Hello everyone. Radiationator and I have started an alliance in Ocean 65. If you would happen to want to join and are in our vicinity, we will take a look at you! We are not MRA, so we are not mass recruiting and accepting every applicant, so be wary. As you can tell from our name, we intend...
  2. a pebble

    You're Banned from the Forum

    You all know the rules, ban the person above you. Ill start. As there's no one...I ban Mr. CoMA (cause i can) :p
  3. a pebble

    Beta world?

    How soon do you expect to release the world Beta. I hate revolt, so im hoping soon.
  4. a pebble

    The Guide to Grepolis (By Cobblemix)

    ***BEFORE I START, I WANT TO CLARIFY. THIS IS NOT MY WORK. IT IS AN EXCELLENT GUIDE BY ANOTHER PLAYER IN EN FORUMS. ALL CREDIT GOES TO: Cobblemix (and others he gave credit towards)*** **************************** !!!!The Big Cobble Guide !!!! Alright, so Cobble here, doing my last...