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  1. Trash Talk

    hey zeeker love you
  2. Update 2.206 Discussion Thread

    Can you * answer you * * ?
  3. Update 2.206 Discussion Thread

    Is it seriously saying that when you attack without offensive naval units transport ships won't be killed ? I don't understand ? So when I send units on transport ships without off naval units to a city with one bireme for example transport ships won't be destroyed or what ?
  4. Update 2.206 Discussion Thread

    [Attacks] Transport ships will no longer be killed when there are no offensive naval units in the enemy attack What is this refering to ?
  5. Saving Grepo: Blood Preservation

    atleast you are honest
  6. Enable/disable Confirmation prompt for Helmet of invisibility in settings

    When you want to cast Helmet of invisibility on an attack that already traveled 10% of its time, confirmation prompts pops up whether you really want to do it which is annoying. There is bunch of confirmation prompts you can enable/disable in settings this one is one of few which is missing.