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  1. cfrf3902

    Way too early top 10 sink or swim

    Welp, that looks like the deal is sealed. Thanks Taksor for the easy W
  2. cfrf3902

    Its Time To Consolidate Servers

    I like the idea. But I do agree with Commish. Maybe do international servers with night bonus set at different times. So people can pick and choose which worlds to join. I dunno. That would probably be the same difference as having different servers. I remember back in the day this game REALLY...
  3. cfrf3902

    US 103 - Epidamnos Feedback Thread

    Think we could turn the speed up a touch?
  4. cfrf3902

    US 103 - Epidamnos Feedback Thread

    Morale sucks but we've been waiting a while.
  5. cfrf3902

    next world

    Still waiting.............
  6. cfrf3902

    103 Premade

    Let's do it
  7. cfrf3902

    Please never, ever again open a "speed 1" world lol

    Dude, why are you always complaining. You should just quit grepo.
  8. cfrf3902


    Well... I think we don't need this thread anymore. Lmao
  9. cfrf3902

    Tyche's Wheel of Fortune 2020 Feedback Thread

    If you want honest opinions... bring back the advent calendar. This event sucks. The tokens are mostly garbage. Such a waste. Just my opinion opinion and many others on the server. I hear the ramblings in group chats. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  10. cfrf3902

    A Quick Victory

    Finally, the grepo external forums I remember. I missed the trash talk.
  11. cfrf3902

    A Quick Victory

    If that is the settings you wanted then you should have joined a server with night bonus. No reason to be but hurt because people attacked you at night. Plain and simple. People live in different time zones making it possible for night attacks. If you don't like that, then join a server with...
  12. cfrf3902

    Trash Talk

    Better watch out!!! Supposedly they have a core group of "good players that tip big alliances over". The one (who shall remain nameless) that said that is either A. full of it, or B. used another IGN. I call bs on the later of course. But anyway let them keep on building and trash talking and we...
  13. cfrf3902

    Hero movement

    Maybe make it where we could move heros faster. Like x amount of gold to cut time or x amount to move immediately
  14. cfrf3902

    Trash Talk

    Sounds like someone is a little butt hurt?
  15. cfrf3902

    Is it fair to say the game is dead?

    Amen brother!!!
  16. cfrf3902

    Premades going in?

    Thank you!!!!!!
  17. cfrf3902

    Top 12 Alliances of Cythera

    uh.... WOW, this is getting deep
  18. cfrf3902

    Wars of Cythera

    No more updates?
  19. cfrf3902

    Top 12 Alliances of Cythera

    About all that is left. Horses and co. Vs whiskey group
  20. cfrf3902

    Top 12 Alliances of Cythera

    Why waste the vm. Just stay and fight or ghost. Imo. Vm is not the way out.