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  1. Richard

    New World Carphi [US84]

    Dear Players, Today we have opened a new world on US - Carphi. We invite you to join the wonders of this world. World settings: Game speed: 3 Unit speed: 3 Trade speed: 3 Night bonus: 00:00 - 08:00 Beginners protection: 6 Days Alliance limit: 50 Conquer system: Conquest Conquest time: 12...
  2. Richard

    Grepolis Needs You! Social Media Volunteers Wanted!

    Greetings! Our Social Media Team is looking for new volunteers willing to help our communities in the international page. Do you have a strong passion for Social Media & Grepolis and would you like become our team mate?! Then take your chance and click here to apply today. Take your time, read...
  3. Richard

    US 78 - Rhammus

    World Rhammus is open! See you on the battlefields.
  4. Richard

    Pre-World Katane Discussion Thread

    The world is now open!
  5. Richard

    US 72 Katane

    The world is now open. See you on the battlefields!
  6. Richard

    Privacy Policy Update

    We would like to thank you for being loyal players and for your trust while playing and interacting with fellow players of Grepolis. Today, we would like to build on this trust and inform you about changes to our privacy policy. Why are changes made? New data protection laws are being...
  7. Richard

    Changelog 2.163

    Hello players, We missed one thing from our chaneglog above, so here it is: The user interface and processing of the command overview in the top navigation has been reworked completely to allow for better performance of the game client. In case several movements arrive at the same time, these...
  8. Richard

    US 71 Ialysos

    The world has now been opened. Enjoy!
  9. Richard

    The Last 24 Hours.

    Hey all, I think, for clarity its important to understand that 'a few' here is more the colloquial few than literally three people. To give some actual numbers, as well as perhaps a little context, the number of incorrectly banned players found was 35 across 9 worlds. To be clear, I appreciate...
  10. Richard

    The Last 24 Hours.

    @Grepo Mauler please open a ticket and ask for me. I'll assess your situation and we can go from there.
  11. Richard

    The Last 24 Hours.

    Hi guys, Thanks for your responses so far. I'll try to answer specific questions and points as best I can, to the best of my knowledge. If there is something I'm not sure of, I'll try to find out. Some of the answers I give, however, I can give with relative certainty. We already have a public...
  12. Richard

    The Last 24 Hours.

    Yes, approved scripts should be fine to be re-enabled.
  13. Richard

    The Last 24 Hours.

    Thanks for your question. The wrongly banned players have a note on their file explaining that the ban was placed incorrectly. We don't have the facility to remove the record itself, but this will be sufficient that this ban wouldn't be held against them in the future in any way.
  14. Richard

    The Last 24 Hours.

    Hi guys, Just a quick note to say that Baudin & I are still here, and still reading your responses. I'll also be taking over tickets starting this evening, and try to get on top of the list I have to go through of escalations. I'll do my best to get people at least responded to tonight. As has...
  15. Richard

    Announcement Gold Issues

    We are currently experiencing issues with our premium services. We hope to have normal service resumed shortly. We apologise for the inconvenience, and ask that you continue to be patient whilst we resolve the issues. Thanks Your Grepolis Team
  16. Richard

    Banned for Unapproved Scripts (EN vs US)

    Dio Tools has been added to our list of approved scripts, thats merely an oversight. I can assure you that no one is being banned for using Dio Tools.
  17. Richard

    Update App Changelog 2.73

    App Version 2.73 Earlier this week the app was updated to version 2.73 for both Android and IOS users. Summary On this update we focused on improving the app flow. Improvements Island quest detail screen is now accessible from quest list screen even if it is on a different island Buttons...
  18. Richard

    InnoGames TV

    Dear Players, Trick or treat! In the November episode of InnoGames TV, Game Designer Marcel shows you our brand new Halloween event. Also, we announce the winner of the iPhone competition and introduce Forge of Empires’ new era. In addition, we show you some troops from our newest game Rising...
  19. Richard

    Instant Buy Feedback Thread

    Hello guys, Please leave any feedback for the upcoming feature Instant Buy below. PS. Sorry the announcement was late, we're working on getting things caught up :) Richard
  20. Richard

    New Feature - Instant Buy

    Instant buy Hello everyone! We would like to inform you of a feature that we have been working on for some time to replace the current halving time system. At the present moment it’s possible to halve construction time by half several times until its almost completed. However with this...