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  1. princess Kuini

    Saving This World

    Head Hunters have appealed to FOB to do the same as us and offer M.A.C.O a 10 day NAP, so they can regroup and get their ally/leadership in order to then return to a 3 way fight. With the collapse of Tea , it became a two way street, sure we could sister up and try and poach the best players...
  2. princess Kuini

    Wheres the buffs

    What happened to the "Special buffs" advertised to make this world "Unique".. 27th-29th, 27th is almost over...
  3. princess Kuini

    Multi Accounting/Making a core using fake accounts

    It appears Inno hasnt stopped people from doing this, first started in EN servers, where multiple accounts were made and never gone back into after spawning so Inno couldnt ban them but its obvious to see who which alliances feel the need to cheat to gain multiple cities out the gate of a fast...