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  1. Swim, sink, or float

  2. Wind of change

    I still think the only way for new people to even have a chance to play is by leaving morale on. Not everyone has the mindset of you , and a lot of these people will not stand a chance . Just my opinion
  3. Wind of change

    I think its funny you want new players to come in and learn the game , but want to turn morale off . Hmmmmm
  4. BBB and the GHOST of cowardly ways

    maybe you should come out of hiding. My friends are waiting for you
  5. BBB and the GHOST of cowardly ways

    I had one yesterday that killed 10000 dlu and it was only 250 ghost
  6. BBB and the GHOST of cowardly ways

    The MM came from a player in GC not the alliance as a whole
  7. BBB and the GHOST of cowardly ways

    flippity flop or their players go inactive
  8. Premades going in?

    Yeah you guys can have this world lol
  9. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

  10. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Athena BrianinRaleigh Nagidos
  11. What a Joke

    If you are quitting , can i have your cities lol
  12. What a Joke

    Thank you lurks . Apparently thats all they can do is throw insults . My mom's credit card lol. They assume you are a kid if you spend money . I am confused. I am a fully grown man Huny . See you and your alliance on the battlefield !
  13. What a Joke

    It went up 10 levels i 20 min before i smacked it back down
  14. What a Joke

    If I want to spend 3000 gold to build a slinger nuke thats my choice, like it was Marion's choice to turtle up on that island , and i kindly Un-turtled them :) Have a great day