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  1. Who is coming?

    could you elaborate on this? I can't understand how spending more than is necessary would make this game, or anything for that matter, more enjoyable. Again, it isn't necessary to spend in order to be successful. this would interest me though, one time registration fee would at least add a...
  2. Grepolis reunion?

    still have a functioning caps lock
  3. Who is coming?

    gold exchange doesn't keep up with demand on a gold break and the tt are usually longer than is needed, I have seen it from the breaking side and the siege side. point is that it's never a 1v1 mismatch, they are getting help from their alliance not simply purchasing dominance as an individual
  4. Who is coming?

    Again, I think my experience is sufficient by your standards but you can check grep matrix if you feel the need. If they are golding siege breaks they are getting resources from their mates, so the spender isn't doing it on their own anyway. This is all conquest though, I'm sure golders have a...
  5. Who is coming?

    I believe a few others I played with activated these two with sporadic usage of the others. Really don't think it's necessary to qualify my advisor usage with fighter ranking but it's sufficient. Yeah they offer more but they are unnecessary to be competitive with adapted tactics. No I was...
  6. Who is coming?

    admin/captain are all I have been playing with since I started playing with gold. The others don't offer that much constant value but throw on another 200 for the occasional 2 week bonus admin. As I said before my last us server saw the mod staff overwhelmed with a dom zone that didn't even...
  7. Who is coming?

    I'm acutely serious lol. How do you know it's scalable? what percentage of players are spending 400 gold per month? If an entire alliance can't compete against a single "Gold Whale" how many would it take to make up for that player? I like my insults with detail I managed to figure it out...
  8. Who is coming?

    the early stages of servers and events seem to have the most spending. Shorter, more frequent worlds would be more profitable to them in the near future. Though I don't agree with Inno's consistent push for quick profits, simple ol' me finds it difficult to imagine an expanding player base...
  9. Who is coming?

    larger group of players spending less per person means higher operating cost without the revenue to match I might be misreading "the general" but it looks an awful lot like a premium bot, would be against this myself because it's against the core of this game and the rules since my first server...
  10. Who is coming?

    lmao why would the us servers want something like that!? (Italic for sarcasm) I lack the endearing charm that cultivates, in spite of this I have tried in the past with spotty results. last server there wasn't an opportunity
  11. Who is coming?

    us grepolis forum econ lessons, I do hope this is a MasterClass of some kind. I agree that Inno should be trying to grow their base and long term revenue with it, but this isn't their only product and short term profit seeking usually wins out in business. Been playing a long time with and...
  12. Who is coming?

    capping gold spending is taxing on their profit margin but it's a nice jumbo shrimp of a read p.s. 50% of players hate revolt...
  13. Sportsmanship

    I didn't begin to learn until a much larger player took my city, after some messages he brought me into a competitive alliance where I learned the basic skills. Resilience, activity, and an open mind will take you a long way, but keep your alarm on at night. It's outdated in a lot of ways but...
  14. Top 12

    who won?
  15. Change my Mind

    gold in a knowledgeable players hands is very different than gold or a bot with a scrub, which isn't a real revelation. f2p can still compete against a heavy gold user but it probably changes the approach
  16. Change my Mind

    barely crack the top 200? having a pulse and checking in daily usually gets you in the top 200 and yes EVEN on en servers
  17. Gribbe Posse's Memes

    I am a very literal person, could be a discussion of sanitation systems. Will give nuance a try and follow the rules, you are better than CB
  18. Attack Alarms for Sieges (Conquest Worlds)

    defeats the purpose imo, siege is the holders responsibility since it isn't in their possession yet. would be nice if it would que units for me during that 12 hours so I have a ready made snipe when the siege ends but again it isn't my city so I get none of the perks
  19. Attack Alarms for Sieges (Conquest Worlds)

    it isn't your city so you shouldn't get alerts for it
  20. The problem and why so many players who enjoyed this game have left.

    you would have to fight more to understand how a bot gives someone the edge and myths are still over the top. If I converted all my cities to dlu (over 200k dlu) I still wouldn't be able to hold a siege with the myth numbers seen. I think Sword/archer/hoplites should be have their stats...