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  1. The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    That furry lover would be Hades! Shab786
  2. Ban Spammers

    I agree with Al. I fully empathise the victims of spam attacks. It's particularly hard when you have RL responsibilities and a armchair warrior in his mother's basement is just pinging the hell out of you. It will help more people to enjoy the game for sure. Nice one Alfonzo!
  3. Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    Sorry mate, was just pulling your leg.
  4. Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    Not you Fuhrer...
  5. Mesembria's Rally Against The Redcoats

    Hi Al Would you consider unblocking me on discord?

    Al had to make a decision of either wab going to snowflakes or mori. Depriving them of nearly effectively cementing snowflakes guarantee for a dominance as long as they could reduce the traction of DD takeovers on their cities. But despite this merger the memento coalitions including many of...

    MS are like our distant cousins, we squabble , but when it comes to the crunch we get together.

    Elephants don't gossip like little girls, so to put this rumour to rest. We are pacted with ou la la,they are our family.
  9. Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    I hope MS wins, they deserve it. Stay strong guys, keep the momentum up, don't bicker over petty things. And pm me when you need anything. Together we can win this. Go Team Snowflakes!
  10. Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    He is a living lesson. He teaches us that everyone in the real world can unite on a single goal regardless of our differences .
  11. Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    I would like to express my opinion and say that brokeone is a beast.
  12. Nicaea Chronicles Issue Two

    Lol the cream of the crop of Night Warriors, Spartan Elite, Templar Knights and I believe Kittens of Doom have joined together. This newspaper needs a little more thought put into it and knowledge of Nicaea.. Kudos for the effort nonetheless.
  13. Top 12 sink or swim

    As the previous leader of the Spartan Elite, who abdicated , quit then started again to play with some of my ex team mates in Gela, when the Guns alliance was running. I definitely will say it is interesting. SE has merged the top brass of their pact and formed Triad.It is very well organised...
  14. A funny convo with WarKing33

    shab786 today at 11:14 .... WarKing33 today at 11:15 u about to lose that city :) shab786 today at 11:16 I know, good thing I don't play here properly lol shab786 today at 11:16 Seriously all I do is send def out to peeps which gets wiped and rebuild all day. WarKing33 today at 11:16 it's cool i...