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  1. The Appolonian Times

    Clean sweep without pressure- great job MMC in dominating this world from start to finish!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Peacetime and ww

    This is the worse move Grepolis has made in awhile and that is saying something! We have worked our tails off filling the wonders just to give it all away because you won't let us start the wonder? Peacetime is fine but don't interfere with us winning the world with this move. Change this...
  3. Reset during World Wonders

    Baris is the world- we are about to take the 7th WW when Mike.22mba resets and starts in protection mode. He builds quickly and his team begins flipping the WW cities to him so they are protected in beginners mode and can have the benefit of moral. He is low in points now so has moral playing...