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  1. Killing a Siege CS

    The great "The Bot Posse" ran into a question about the CS dying in a siege when troops break even. (Yes apparently even we do not seem to know everything) Two examples below where all the attacking units died as well as the units in the siege. One the CS died, the other the CS did not. Is this...
  2. Guess this Pig Leader

    Alright everyone, let's play a game called "guess this pig leader" This Leader likes to play on the front lines. But he is often scared of the enemy players so he does this to protect himself instead of using the support to help hold teammates sieges that get busted with ease. Now what's his...
  3. Top 12

    Lets get started. World winner is pretty obvious already though 1. Rogue - SINK 2. T.B.D - SINK 3. Nemean Lions - SINK 4. Killer Clowns - SINK 5. Damage Inc. - SINK 6. Gold Fish - Tasty, but SINK 7. Assyria - SINK 8. Temporary Lodging - SINK 9. Bro-Sistas Farming Gold - May have a...
  4. Trading Overview

    Whenever I trade resources using the trade overview, the cities listed no longer clear from being selected and the trades don't show with other commands until browser is refreshed. The error does not occur when trading on the map just whenever using the overview. It started after the recent update
  5. Trash Talk

    Who's wanting to start some trash talk before coming out of BP. Someone must think they are winning the world already or that someone is cheating early. Anything at all??