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  1. Update 2.180 Discussion Thread

    Yes why not just take the points total of the top 300 players (regardless of being in an alliance or not) rather than the top X number of alliances. We all know the players who drop out are still in communications with their alliances and its just a work around the rules.
  2. Update 2.180 Discussion Thread

    To take this a step further... it is not uncommon for an alliance to prolong the onset of Wonders by having a player leave the alliance. Under the new reduction rules you could keep doing this out of spite and make it a very long time before the wonders start.
  3. Souper Group

    The forum sharing and pacts seem abused to allow multiple brother and sister alliances. Without this you could still have 3 smaller alliances teaming up to attack a bigger one. I just think the MRA / sister alliance situation is the main thing people are not happy with at the moment.
  4. Souper Group

    I'm just here briefly to pick up some gold (thank you for your generosity). But nice to see so many familiar names although it doesn't seem like there's that many people in total playing the world. Josh is questioning the MRA tactics in a domination world. I'm guessing leaders want to kill...
  5. Souper Group

    Top 3 alliances: 1. Body Shamers 2. Redneck Mafia 3. Too many characters to display

    1 GOLDEN S.P.Q.R 2 Golden Guns 3 bros farming gold 4 Gold Me 2863 5 Just Farming 6 Gold Inc. 7 55 Gold Exchange 8 Here To Gold 9 Diggin' for Gold 10 Goldie Locks 11 Goldman Sachs 12 Golden Corral
  7. The Last 24 Hours.

    I am tired of these gold offers and event after event. You use to be able to get an edge on opponents by using some gold but it wouldn't guarantee success and now it does. I'm just not willing to shell out this much cash on this game and that limits the amount of success I can have depending...
  8. The Last 24 Hours.

    I appreciate the acknowledgement of the problem and action at last being taken. However I feel like the extent and effects of the problem is being vastly understated. I was fortunate enough to not be attacked nor in a world at the wonder stage whilst being banned. Considering the amount of...
  9. The Last 24 Hours.

    I have zero confidence in the tools being used to detect illegal scripts. They have not been able to do a good job of detecting actual cheating for a long time and now they are falsely detecting legal scripts as illegal. Therefore as I mentioned in my original post it would be better to change...
  10. The Last 24 Hours.

    Inno has cast its net trying to look for cheats and instead has caught a bunch of innocent players including myself (under a different account than Dow Jones). I use the same legal scripts and account in two worlds yet I am banned in one and not the other which must cast doubt to the...
  11. Reset during World Wonders

    I would argue that morale only really protects players from what you call "bully grepolis" to a limited degree. The bigger problem is that the game has become pay to win with gold giving players too much of an advantage and more players than ever willing to throw insane amounts of money at the...
  12. Apollonia Pre-World Discussion

    In another section in the forum they have stated "Apollonia will open on 07-20-2017 we apologize for any inconvenience." Not sure why they don't mention it here also, sure many people still think it's opening today.
  13. Poll for Possible New world Suggestions

    I don't think fighter rank would be a good idea, as players would exploit the game to gain BP in inventive ways (not only by attacking enemies). The original dreamworld posted by Bloodtyrant sounds good and simple to put together.
  14. Announcement US 58 World Settings Vote

    Hope revolt period is 8 hours like Helorus if speed 4 wins out.
  15. World Ended as it started

    Oliver, I'm not angry and i'm just trying to argue against what I see as a false perception. Not all of the alliances you have listed I have even heard of lol. I stay away from diplomacy but yes it's my understanding that some smaller alliances wanted to attack you but this happened very late...
  16. World Ended as it started

    Firstly congrats to the alliance formerly known as Kittens of Doom, seems like 4/7 award is inevitable. You guys deserve it the most, well done. This has been a fun server and long may it continue, still plenty to play for. I also just wanted to address the so called TBD "Hand holding" or...
  17. What's up Olympia?

    To go after a single player (one who you have struggled to have any success against previously despite have a large numerical advantage) with a lot of cities in an area where you are dominant is obviously a good tactic to use and one I have employed many times when the shoe has been on the other...
  18. Top 12~Sink or Swim?

    Well you would have to make it to the end of a world yourself in order to have a chance of seeing that. :p P.S. I like Apex he seems like a fun guy and starts fast.
  19. Milestones of Nu

    Awesome job on this everyone! Not something you will often see repeated in Grepo. It's been a pleasure to be apart of this team. 8)
  20. Top 12 in ABP

    Abp / dbp I think people concentrate on ADP as an indicator as it relies solely on yourself. Obviously DPB requires players attacking you (this does not seem to be a problem for mflip at the moment).