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  1. Blue Palasky

    Top 12

    I would call it: squinting at each other from a distance, while we fight other alliances. I guess the brass decided to merge the alliances while I was in VM but at the time there was no hand holding, unlike docs, PA, empire, whatever other sister alliance you guys have going on since the...
  2. Blue Palasky

    Top 12

    Funny, you quote me calling them a nobody. But you conveniently ignore your mistake of calling us cat minions.
  3. Blue Palasky

    Trash Talk

    Oh I did, about a month ago which was close to the last time someone posted anything
  4. Blue Palasky

    Top 12

    Woah woah woah there, we're no one's minions. As for our fighting no one, yeah I guess we can call Bones and Stones. no one. They haven't been relevant since we began pushing into their islands. Now we just use them for bp mostly but we're still waring with them. Sure i have my differences with...
  5. Blue Palasky

    Trash Talk

    Bone dry.
  6. Blue Palasky

    Top 12

    Any updates on the recent changes. I notice the Barbarians are gone. Merger? ghosts?
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  8. Blue Palasky

    You can open Zakros!

    42 The one true answer
  9. Blue Palasky

    Marathon Milestones

    Looks like Praetorian Guard made it as well
  10. Blue Palasky

    Top 12 Alliances

    So, Top 12, thats not happening anymore?
  11. Blue Palasky

    Rate the player above you

    Points: 4 Experience: 5 BP: 1 Alliance: 5 Position: 5 Overall: 20 Not saying im good or anything but this is mostly because it looks like you started last month
  12. Blue Palasky

    Best leader/founder

  13. Blue Palasky


    Oooh, looks like TAP is tearing it up
  14. Blue Palasky

    Top 12 abp Alliances

    Alliance- abp ..... Average (Rounded) The Abusement Park- 27479 ..... 458 Death Row- 17016 ..... 288 Illyrian Hegemony- 14651 ..... 236 S.P.Q.R- 12019 ..... 188 Anonymous- 11451 ..... 176 The Wolf Clan- 8550 ..... 120 LEAGUE OF SHADOWS- 8297 ..... 117 MASSACRE- 6049 ..... 93 H1N1- 5950...
  15. Blue Palasky

    Top 12 abp Alliances

    The best way to show who's really on top 1. The Abusement Park~14160 2. Death Row~8221 3.Illyrians Hegemony~7696 4.Anonymous~4933 5.S.P.Q.R~4255 6.LEAGUE OF SHADOWS~3710 7.Brotherhood of the Wolf~3335 8.Roma Victora~2405 9.H1N1~1974 10.MASSACRE~1911 11.DaMaGePlAn~1881 12.Warlords~1653
  16. Blue Palasky

    Top 12 Alliances: Sink or Swim

    Where's the fun in being in a pact with the top alliances? Anyways, I cant wait till bp is over :D
  17. Blue Palasky

    Mu Milestone

    *Macedonians are the first ones to 1million dbp
  18. Blue Palasky

    Mu Milestone

    *The Raptors 1st ones to 1 million abp
  19. Blue Palasky

    Where everyone at?

    Not a cloud in the blue sky
  20. Blue Palasky

    Mu Milestone

    Dam, I need to step my game up. TGR start sending more attacks!