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  1. XpertGreek

    Infection Premade

    Infection Who am I? I am XpertGreek, I started playing grepolis many years ago on en Epsilon. I have played on and off since then, throughout my time playing I have made many friends, met many great players in the game, many of which I had the honor of leading. Although I am often able to put...
  2. XpertGreek

    ~Rush Hour~

    ~Rush Hour~ How I Recruit: Players who's names I recognize are usually allowed in right away without any real major background checks, but if you are not one of those players please make sure you add in a link to your stats. If you do not join the pre-made version of this alliance and you...
  3. XpertGreek

    Zakros Milestones!

    Milestones of Zakros Player Milestones Points 1,000 Points: mccullouai 2,000 Points: diverkeith 5,000 Points: rojamo4192 10,000 Points: mrw8980 25,000 Points: 50,000 Points: 100k Points: 250k Points: 500k Points: 1 Million Points: 2 Million Points: Polis Count 2 Towns: mrw8980 5...
  4. XpertGreek

    Infection- (selective)

    This alliance is here to slowly conquer the world, I am a very competitive player & leader... I play to have fun, but winning is fun... right? I have a alliance on Lamia also called infection, we are currently #1 in Lamia and have the best alliance average in the world and second best ABP. We...
  5. XpertGreek

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ~an elite squad of cool looking turtles~ This alliance will be run by XpertGreek and Firebrand... we are experienced players from outer space, our goal here is to build this biggest and the best MRA in the game... we plan to have a full alliance the first day, and...
  6. XpertGreek

    Lamia News ~ Opening Issue

    Lamia a new beginning! This new world called "Lamia" has been open for a few weeks, think have already been my job was to get background information on some players here in Lamia since the world just opened and doesn't have an overly amount of action The fun has just begun on...
  7. XpertGreek

    Rate the person above you ~ Lamia

    Rate the person above you... I guess we should add some action to the extremely boring Lamia externals section.
  8. XpertGreek

    Lamia News

    Lamia News I plan on starting a newspaper type thing. It will be weekly, in fact every friday between 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM (eastern time) Interviews: I will have up to 5 interviews a week with different questions in each to keep things interesting. These interviews will be with... founders of...
  9. XpertGreek

    Personal Top 10's

    Hello these aren't like sink or swims you make the order of what alliances you think are good and will be good in the future. Try not to include your own alliance. I look forward to BP ending and seeing things get rowdy. Here is mine: 1. Soul Catchers: Good average, tight location. I also...
  10. XpertGreek

    Lamia Wars - BP ending

    I want to know what is going on around Lamia. I don't know of any big wars coming out of BP except one. I would like to know if any alliances are targeting other alliances or if BP ending is going to have big wars following it. I can let you know now that ocean 54 may be pretty bloody for an...
  11. XpertGreek

    Infection- (selective Premade)

    Infection When I say "selective Premade" I mean selective. I am looking for 20 or less experienced players. Alliance- We will be offensive and control out territory which will be North East, we will control territory and hold a tight core of 1/4 of the ocean or a little more or less. I...