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  1. New Olympus World - Lato. Feedback Thread

    Yeah, honestly on conquest worlds morale is the worst part of the game by far. Night bonus can be annoying, but that's not a huge deal. Morale is exploited way to easily. If the morale did not effect sieges, then it would be fine. But LMD's are the most frustrating part of conquest worlds.
  2. Curiosity begs me to wonder...

    It'll probably be a couple weeks. An Event just ended. Also don't attack with DLU ;)
  3. Outdated Wiki Pages

    Here at grepolis, we don't believe in updating information for players. So stuff like the wiki or approved scripts. Takes a lot of effort to do that, and we prefer to do as little as that as possible.
  4. How do you look for ghost towns?

    GRCR is no longer an approved script I heard. Not allowed to talk about why though
  5. [Script] DIO-TOOLS-David1327

    Noticing a lot of lag with the recent update, still very useful, but have to turn off when timing. Also, all these new updates are still approved correct? I believe the list of approved scripts just shows original DIO still.
  6. Top 10 Sink or Swim

    It's speed one. No attacks have had time to land since BP ended. Give it a few days and maybe someone will have been able to land a CS.
  7. Gribbe Posse's Memes

  8. Gribbe Posse's Memes

  9. Gribbe Posse's Memes

    We love lurks. We like to keep him on his toes though ;)
  10. Gribbe Posse's Memes

  11. Gribbe Posse's Memes

  12. Gribbe Posse's Memes

  13. Gribbe Posse's Memes

  14. Gribbe Posse's Memes

  15. Gribbe Posse's Memes

  16. Meme Time

  17. Gribbe Posse's Memes

  18. Gribbe Posse's Memes

    Don’t let him fool you lurks, gribbe can’t keep any of us in check in game
  19. Gribbe Posse's Memes