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  1. BBB and the GHOST of cowardly ways

    Wait your teammates just ghosted randomly and your CSs happend to be going in their directions ? *Harry Potter entered the chat*
  2. Swim, sink, or float

    Generally you get attacked when you are on a core island of an alliance. As mentioned earlier, you should just send CSs at rocks in each ocean and farm up. Good luck in the future.
  3. End of the World

    Congrats to everyone!
  4. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    For sure, thanks and hope we get a chance to fight more (with or against) in the future server!
  5. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    I agree we you tho :D
  6. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    lol you keep talking like we spawned having all O55 and O45 already. Yeah looks like you joined too late to see what happend. And yes, Believe it or not, DB's mother passed away, Zombie too, DE's wive had an accident and Mystic got operated like 4 times, others like luigi, Rhysand..etc left...
  7. Nikaia Relationship Counseling.

    Our offensive players left for very extreme unfortunate real life reasons. Pillars started with few controlled islands and managed to expand to every Ocean until RL happend to 50% of our original offensive players. As Raspu said, you didn't play to win but rather played to attack Pillars for...
  8. Nikaia in Memes

    damn external forums are actually funny as hell :D
  9. The Union coming to Eta

    What do you mean?????
  10. The Union coming to Eta

    Hey Tyler! Can you remember me? It's been a long time now but i have a question, are you going to a new world?
  11. Lambda Chatter
  12. Last User to Post here Wins

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Its me !!!
  13. US13 - Mu Preworld Thread

    I will join !!!! I don't care about the moral because who want to to win ,will win.
  14. Post your walls!!!

    I think that you gave your enemys free spy report about your troops!!!
  15. The Union vs. Rising Shadows..."The Hypothetical War"

    I were a TU member and a RS member and the both of the alliances have a big chance to win but RS don't really like to use here army as TU members. and RS have a nice position to have big plans for the future but they really need to show their army's power. WK is a nice alliance with big...
  16. US10 - Iota Preworld Thread

    I will make sure that I will be in! interisting world speed with the moral!! I like the speed!!!!!!! watch out,Iam behind you!