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    I'd like to hear both sides of the story... Fuzzy Bunnies are no more, and the TITANS are BACK???? How and why did this happen? Thanks guys! And hopefully this will liven the forums up a bit! :D
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    Absolute Zero Now Recruiting

    Absolute Zero is looking for new members. For more info, view our thread in Psi recruitment forum. Skype or pm me on externals or in game about inquiries. Thanks, CM
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    Who is Cucci

    Here we may post our guesses about who cucci really is. I am guessing he/she/it is AD (or maybe even crego making a comeback lol) screwing with all of us :o No but seriously. Who do you think he is? >_<
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    Family Feud

    Has anyone seen the feud going on between the Aussies and the Aussies Reborn? lmao Read their profiles one after another (start with reborn)
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    Absolute Zero

    Are you a great player? Do you like Nooby Quests? Than you are in the right place Absolute Zero is an alliance that is on a mission to get to Ocean 0. The Place where all kinetic movement stop. Scientists have been trying to get to Absolute Zero forever but have never been able to quite get...
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    History of Delphi... as it unfolds

    Hey guys Here you can write YOUR history of Delphi, as it happened. Battles, Wars, Betrayals, Alliances, Friends etc. I will do mine later (too busy right now lol) Creds go to Ace-Wolf from chi Read some of their stuff for inspiration on what to right about if you are stuck!
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    Best and Worst of Psi

    Best Player: Worst Player Best Fighter: Best Defender: Best Attacker: Best Alliance: Worst Alliance: Best Alliance Leader: Worst Alliance Leader: Best Player Profile: Worst Player Profile: Best Alliance Profile: Worst Alliance Profile: Best COA (alliance or player): Best Player Name: Worst...
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    Rate the Player above you

    Points - ?/10 ABP - ?/10 DBP - ?/10 Alliance - ?/10 Position - ?/10 Overall = ?/50
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    Requested thread- trash talk central

    If you guys wanna bash eachother and have it NOT be offtopic, this is the thread.
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    Post your wall

    Here is a thread for everyone to post your wall. What have YOU killed? :p (This thread gets great later in the game but its still interesting now)
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    This thread is to talk about wars in Delphi. Brag, talk smack, do what you want. You can post scores and predictions...
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    I am going to take this from Kyisland in Ephesus... word for word... "I know "best player" can mean a lot of things so just pick what it means to you. It's too easy to pick someone from the alliance you are in so try to limit yourself to an alliance you are not in. For instance, I am in...
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    Similarity between Ocean 54 and 55, SS and Titans

    Look at Ocean rankings for alliances. 54, SS in first 247,603 points, 67 cities 55, Titans in first 247,250 points, 67 cities
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    Who is the best alliance in the world, SS or Titans?

    This world's forum was really boring (key word was) Now I made this thread. so now its not boring for the time being It appears that the only forum readers/posters are in Titans and SS. This makes sense because they are really the only two strong alliances I will post some facts/stats...
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    Best and worst of Delphi

    Follow the format plz Best Player: Best Alliance: Best Fighter: Best Defender: Best Alliance Leader: Worst Player: Worst Alliance: No naming yourself as best or worst. (Alliance Excluded)
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    Update to V2.54 - Changelog Discussion

    "[Tutorial] Helping arrows are now displayed only once per quest" PERFECT! THANK YOU DAED!
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    Rate the player above you

    Points - ?/10 ABP - ?/10 DBP - ?/10 Alliance - ?/10 Position - ?/10 Overall = ?/50