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  1. Apollonia Pre-World Discussion

  2. Far To early Sink or Swim

    NC knows what they are doing. You may get lucky hits but the skill level of the opponents isn't there. As a member of PA I still agree with the clear and true statement that NC is just better than you.... Mofo... YAya!!!!! Rim me too;)
  3. Far To early Sink or Swim

    He stated very clearly this was a prediction of what the world will look like -1 month from now- not what it looks like today.
  4. Far To early Sink or Swim

    They had a panic attack thisisgrepolis
  5. Best Alliance Ever

    Fig... Don't tout accomplishments then try to take them back and say you sucked there anyway... That's not very effective. Work with your group- Don't make accusations of a group you don't know anything about. We have done our homework on you and your members, have you done the same on ours...
  6. Best Alliance Ever

    We prefer to take cities... Not stand infront of them and aimlessly talk to them. Is this how your alliance believes the game is played?
  7. Naxos: A Newspaper

    Nice... 44 or 4... damn I get one? uhm arg 4
  8. The Ten Thousand (mercenary alliance)

    I'm not exactly certain the purpose of this post but I feel like it should be in the sub forum for alliances lol
  9. Spies uncovered

    Darn it! my bad I meant to keep that a secret~ Doing great now that I'm able to get back into the fray of things after my unexpected med leave. Pm me one of these days:) This world is shaping up to be a blast. And guy's... Really Charl is a spy! :-P thisisgrepolis
  10. Spies uncovered

    I think Charl is a spy... ;) Just a poke, Hi Charl! Nice to see you again...
  11. World Skype Chat

    Should be fun thisisgrepolis
  12. Make fun of the person above you

    I think the country now has *Special* funding for *Special* people like you....
  13. Spies uncovered

    Oh how I think I would enjoy a conversation with one whom goes off about mother Russia.... LOL
  14. Make fun of the person above you

    So.... Not you?
  15. Infection- (selective)

    Everywhere I go "there you are" ;) Hey Xpert- Good luck
  16. War Gossip

    What did I say about any alliance with the name Sparta in it? ha Homey... I love how you play someone out for a family emergency and then stuck in a hospital as "ditching" their alliance. The Hive is and will always be my Grepolis family and I would never 'ditch' them willingly.
  17. Taking on a larger alliance

    How fare things today? Normally messages with threats and ultimatums come from those that feel their words will win in a game of chess which has always been such an oddity to me. By the way, I have so far refrained from looking you up in game to see who exactly you are from an in game...
  18. War Gossip

    Keltset is still around, and back on FT now....
  19. Taking on a larger alliance

    Alliances are only as good as their activity levels and ability to work with each other. Generally speaking, any alliances with any flavor of the word "sparta" in it will be bound to fail and likely has no coordination or team work. Just do what you do and build yourself and your alliance up...

    It's unfortunate that when one alliance and another chose to merge for many public (and private) reasons that if those alliances are near the top they are assaulted for it. Yet any other set of alliances can merge... oh and then merge... and then merge... and then merge... Then it's not a big...