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  1. SgtSeeker

    Saving This World

    Well update: Jbro, Princess Kuini, Greg 11st and kv all ghosted today. LOL happens everytime, bet lethal is next
  2. SgtSeeker

    Saving This World

    So a NAP with MACO and shared forum with Phoenix? Outside perspective is your setting up the world to go all against Bling since you know you can’t win the fight, I understand y’all don’t want to repeat US101 and ghost with your tails between your legs, but I appreciate the thought. Players left...
  3. SgtSeeker

    US 90 - Kasmenai Pre-World Discussion Thread

    For anyone looking for a premade feel free to message me on the external forums for a link to our discord!
  4. SgtSeeker

    Rumor Has It

    Rumor has it your simming in this world. 126 in BP but 30 in rankings? Seems like your alliance can boast but not you :( Peep my stats cuz I'm simming too :)
  5. SgtSeeker

    Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    Brokeone im not sure where he went. As for the 2nd alliance we have 15 extra players but as we all know Grepo is a game of attrition and I think we will be spot on in #'s when it comes to Dom time. As for MM, they have two full squads of 38/39 so thats what I'm pointing out (low likelihood...
  6. SgtSeeker

    Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    you mean MM having two full alliances in one ocean? Wonder when they turn on their own players when theyre done playing sim city
  7. SgtSeeker


    Individual Milestones City Count 2 Towns: CHRONOU 5 Towns: 10 Towns: 25 Towns: 50 Towns: 100 Towns: 250 Towns: Points 2,500 points: Zombie R Us 5,000 Points: Zombie R Us 10,000 Points: 25,000 Points: 50,000 Points: 100k Points: 250k Points: 500k Points: 1 Million Points: 2 Million Points...
  8. SgtSeeker

    Too early Too soon

    any of the maps up yet for 81?
  9. SgtSeeker

    Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    Looks like its back to the draft alliances ruling everything, sad to see the hugging in 45 :(
  10. SgtSeeker


    Interested to see how this newspaper turns out, sent in an application to see if I can help in my spare time!
  11. SgtSeeker

    Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    1. Melting Snowflakes - The team I play for, I'll let you all judge but I think the numbers speak for themselves. SWIM 2. Memento Mori - Seem to be dominating O55, another of the draft teams that added a second alliance to their benefit. They have been coring up but not much action placing them...
  12. SgtSeeker

    I see the draft didn't work

    I wasn't part of the draft but I saw the rules and agree it wasn't followed. Im just confused if you worked on it why didn't you see it through with the rest of them? And yes I'm sure you're better at clicking and spending more time on your laptop then me :D Just enjoy the banter mate, I wish...
  13. SgtSeeker

    I see the draft didn't work

    You sure seem to be quite invested in the game still for being in "retirement". Love to see banter but I guess whining works too lol
  14. SgtSeeker

    US 80 - Taras Feedback Thread

    Do they ever specify what time it opens?
  15. SgtSeeker

    US 80 - Taras Feedback Thread

    Will be here, lmk if there are any premades dropping in
  16. SgtSeeker

    EN 116 - Teos Premade

    Welp, never mind about the EN, ill be joining here lol
  17. SgtSeeker

    EN 116 - Teos Premade

    Hey all, I've been away from the game for quite a while now. Looking to get back into it with a few old pals of Grepo. Attached below is the info of the new world set to open June 12th. I couldn't find any info on a...
  18. SgtSeeker

    Rob's Graphic Designs

    Could you make an in game profile picture for SgtSeeker and a forum signature for SgtSeeker as well? Theme of post-apocalyptic/modern soldier. Will be my last requests from you (you do such a great job!)
  19. SgtSeeker

    Pre World US 73 Lapithos Discussion

    Probably just be here to gold trade, pretty disappointing lol
  20. SgtSeeker

    Top 12

    What website is that from? Never seen that before!