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  1. SgtSeeker


    Individual Milestones City Count 2 Towns: CHRONOU 5 Towns: 10 Towns: 25 Towns: 50 Towns: 100 Towns: 250 Towns: Points 2,500 points: Zombie R Us 5,000 Points: Zombie R Us 10,000 Points: 25,000 Points: 50,000 Points: 100k Points: 250k Points: 500k Points: 1 Million Points: 2 Million Points...
  2. SgtSeeker

    EN 116 - Teos Premade

    Hey all, I've been away from the game for quite a while now. Looking to get back into it with a few old pals of Grepo. Attached below is the info of the new world set to open June 12th. I couldn't find any info on a...
  3. SgtSeeker

    World Openings?

    There doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern of when worlds open, I understand the last world, Kos, is fairly small still, however, I'm interested in seeing a new world open with all the promised "updates and developments" that will better the game. Anyone have insight on this?
  4. SgtSeeker

    Upload New Signature

    How do you upload a new signature?
  5. SgtSeeker

    Rate the Player Above You

    Creating this mainly because this external Gela forum seems a bit dead, hoping this could help contribute to activity! thisisgrepolis
  6. SgtSeeker

    Top 12: Sink or Swim

    You know the drill! thisisgrepolis
  7. SgtSeeker

    Milestones of Gela

    Milestones of Gela Player Milestones Points 1,000 Points: lethalsniper 2,000 Points: lethalsniper 5,000 Points: incognito1 10,000 Points: incognito1 25,000 Points: incognito1 50,000 Points: incognito1 100k Points: 250k Points: 500k Points: 1 Million Points: 2 Million Points: Polis Count...
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    Im not sure how to make it bigger? Any help?
  9. SgtSeeker

    War of the East

    As some may know The Undertakers have diminished & The Undertakers II destroyed due to the war against Chosen Few & The Exiled. The Exiled & Chosen Few have declared war on Drunk Empire & Drunk Empire II as of today. Beside the alliance names, will be their +/- rating of how many cities have...
  10. SgtSeeker

    The eXiled

    A forum mod can you close this forum post, thank you
  11. SgtSeeker


    No need to explain for those who know me from Theta and Eta, elite only will be accepted. Settle SE.
  12. SgtSeeker

    175 Point City's?

    Just curious does anyone know when they start disappearing? i was told it was 14 days but i would like to hear from a mod.
  13. SgtSeeker

    Night Time Advantage?

    Hey asking if anyone knows says normally default night time advantage for the defensive troops is normally de-activated. just wondering if its de-activated on this world to make answer from one of the forum mods or community manager would be helpful!
  14. SgtSeeker


    Hello all grepolis players, as you know i made an abrupt and uncalled for stop from playing grepolis, one reason was my grades began to drop and i was in a slump in baseball with batting. But im back, i got a new iPhone and will be more active on the go. Ive brought my grades back up because of...
  15. SgtSeeker


    Hello All, Im SgtSeeker, Im creating an alliance in the new world Theta when the gates open to this new world. It will be called ViRuS. We will be based in the core ocean of 55, Settling Southeast. I have contacted a select few players to join along to have a tight nit group of grepo vets and...