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  1. decky66

    Kos Rumor Mill

    These forums are boring, someone needs to come up with some juicy rumors...
  2. decky66

    Event Horizon

    Well looks like I might be late to the party, but I'm back and here to stay. I'm starting up an alliance called Event Horizon down in the South West corner of 45, close to 46. If you're interested in joining, pm me and we'll talk.
  3. decky66

    Zero Tolerance

    About Me: Hello everyone, I am decky66, and am making my 3rd attempt to start a premade. My first two times I have to admit didn't go so great, but I have learned since then and am ready to start a successful alliance. I have been playing for just about 3 years now, I started in November 2011 on...
  4. decky66

    PnP: HoT Doomed to Fail :P

    read this from the bottom up, he is the definition of a noob, I tried to be nice and help him, but I guess some people are just so bent on trying to doom themselves :p Okay, well you can tell me how that turns out when you are rimmed in a few weeks Catmaster today at 21:17 If you fail to...
  5. decky66

    Hand of Time

    CoA: So I am trying this alliance again, last time I said Torg was going to help me but then he suddenly went inactive. But now we are both here and will be leading this alliance to victory! Anyway for those who don't know me this is my third (2nd real attempt) at making a premade alliance. I...
  6. decky66

    Top 12 Power Ranking

    I got this idea from the Phi forums, but instead of ranking alliances based on any points, just list what you think the top 12 are. 1. Tech Support 2. THE GANG 3. No Apologies 4. Lions Den I don't know the rest
  7. decky66

    Hand of Time

    About Me: I am decky66 and this is my second attempt at making a premade alliance. My first attempt was on Chi where I started Patriots, we had some success but we had internal issues and we fell. I have learned many things from that experience and won't make the same mistakes. About the...
  8. decky66

    Mobile Forum Bug

    Every time I try to look at the alliance forum in mobile I just get this image and then the app crashes
  9. decky66

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    1 New World 94273 82 1150 MRA SINK hard 2 New World II 73440 74 992 SINK hard 3 BridgeBurners 57052 49 1164 SWIM 4 The Great Shadow 45978 48 958 Float 5 Lawless 41482 45 922 SINK 6 Illegal Aliens 40100 31 1294 SWIM 7 The Founders 39358 37 1064 SINK 8...
  10. decky66


    Alliance profile CoA: working on it "With a corncob pipe and a button nose, Snowmen are going to... RIM YOU!" About Me: This is my second attempt at making a premade and my first attempt was pretty unsuccessful. However I have learned from my mistakes and have improved on them. I have...
  11. decky66

    Best And Worst of Psi

    Here is something I thought would be a good idea, use this format to say who you think the beast and worst of Psi is (I got this from the Tau forums), no saying yourself or your alliance Best Player: Best Alliance: Best Fighter: Best Defender: Best Alliance Leader: Ultimate Noob: Worst Player...
  12. decky66

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Rank Name Points Players Average 1 The Black Company 57090 53 1077 Seem like an MRA, SINK 2 Alliance of Kings 46097 48 960 MRA, SINK 3 The Brotherhood 40850 44 928 MRA, SINK 4 I INVICTA LEGIO I 35465 36 985 doesn't seem experienced, SINK 5 Savage Subjugation 32836 30 1095 my...
  13. decky66

    Top 12 Power Rankings

    I got this idea from the Phi forums but here you list what you think the top 12 alliances are. With all the MRAs at this point in the game sink or swims don't tell you who will take the alliances that sink, place. 1. Angry Penguins: High average seem mostly located near each other, high bp...
  14. decky66

    Chi Milestones

    Chi Milestones Individual Polis Count 2 Towns: Gallen 5 Towns: co stephen 10 Towns: co stephen 25 Towns: co stephen 50 Towns: boilerbengal 100 Towns: Darius Nax 250 Towns: Points 2,000 Points: Orulla73 5,000 Points: Gallen 10,000 Points: co stephen 25,000 Points: co stephen 50,000 Points...
  15. decky66


    Well no one else has made a premade so I might as well make one. Patriots About Me I will start with telling you about my experience as a leader. This is my first attempt to make a premade although I do have experience with being a leader. I have played Grepolis for two and a half years...
  16. decky66


    I'm not sure if I should post this here, but I haven't seen threads asking this question already. So anyway I was wondering why I can't see anyone's rep anymore and when I look in settings I can't see the amount of rep I received or gave, why is that?
  17. decky66

    ROC vs. PiD

    Well, for those of you who were wondering, Punk in Drublic has taken another alliance. This time it was Re-Organized Chaos, we put up a good fight for the first day, but then in the end they won. I just want to say well done PiD and FermentingFruit. Now that we're gone the only alliance standing...
  18. decky66

    Republic United

    Hello all I am creating the alliance Republic United. I have experience as a leader on other worlds and can help out new players if they need assistance. Our direction will be southeast in ocean 55. If you would like to join please post below telling me why you think you should be in this...
  19. decky66

    Republic United

    I might be a little late for this but I am starting an alliance called Republic United. I have experience as a leader in top alliances before, for example I am a leader in the 3rd ranked alliance in Rho and can give advice to newbies. We are located in ocean 54 very close to 44. If you want to...