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  1. Crusanderth

    [Discussion] Morale / Low Morale Exploits

    It is used as an exploit by experienced players, and it helps greatly. I don't believe the morale was implemented to be exploited, but for smaller players to grow at their own pace without being bothered. It should be changed.
  2. Crusanderth

    Incantation Circle 2018 Discussion Thread

    Is it true that it is different for every player? No more recipe list? :(
  3. Crusanderth

    'Issues with Tissues'

    Sarcasm... Does a crown really mean anything? I've known players with crowns that still don't know how to play. Let's face it, many can get a crown in WW, as there is a way to make sure everyone in the hugfest gets it. Now, if you walk down to Domination, I would consider it earned it.
  4. Crusanderth


    So what was the point of it? Rim them to the NW then. Why NAP? LOL ~Hug Fest~
  5. Crusanderth

    'Issues with Tissues'

    @Iwilson I bet this is your first time playing grepolis, huh?
  6. Crusanderth


    Do these noobs not know what Domination is about? A NAP will only make them stronger, when the time comes, they will devour them. LMAO I feel sorry for whoever entered in this NAP.
  7. Crusanderth

    Concerns and Ideas

    My Concern: Quick Bar Why is it so difficult to modify? Idea: Make it user-friendly, or at least add a guide on how to.
  8. Crusanderth

    New world

    The problem with a higher alliance cap is that anyone after a while can join, and it will be a major hug fest. We want to avoid that or it will end up like WW worlds; sister alliances, tons of pacts, etc. Hence, a lower alliance cap is better. 50 can still make it a huggable game, now... If...
  9. Crusanderth

    New world

    Not in domination
  10. Crusanderth

    New world

    Lower alliance cap to 30
  11. Crusanderth

    Update 2.71 Discussion Thread

    They should improve the "Quick Bar" when you pay for the Administrator... That Quickbar has been outdated for so long, make it user friendly please.
  12. Crusanderth

    Conquest help please

    Look at the world's settings before you join any world. Here in the forum, you will find the settings, speed x, unit speed x, morale, type of world (conquest/revolt). Additionally, you don't have to play in US servers, you can play in EN, ES, AR, GR, etc. There are many servers you can play in...
  13. Crusanderth

    Browser Changelog 2.160

    How does this system apply to ghost cities/inactive members? I can see the pain for some players on BP. Although, I am glad that it was implemented.
  14. Crusanderth

    Which world was first? Community Goals

    Is there a way to check the stats? Who completed it first? xD Thanks
  15. Crusanderth

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Wow, the Celt is back into the game ;O Fatcheeser, and others too. Interesting... A lot of good BoB members there.
  16. Crusanderth

    Perfect attack timing....WTF...Anti-Timer Override?

    This is crazy.. you mean to tell me you cannot time attacks?
  17. Crusanderth

    Figtree2's Guide to Grepolis (Section One)

    Very nice and detailed
  18. Crusanderth

    The History Of Dyme

    He is right, u know that right? The rim is whoever is away or not in the first 4 core oceans (44,54,45,55). Anything outside of that is the rim...
  19. Crusanderth

    Grepo-Info Stats

    Very nice bro!
  20. Crusanderth

    I'm a nOOb in need

    lol, welcome back