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  1. rclay321

    Change my Mind

    facinf a heavy gold abuser is more of a disadvantage than facing a botter
  2. rclay321


    I've taken quite some time off since my last world so I don't know how long this has been going on. I log into my browser tonight and get a message that you can get free Laurels with gold purchases, so I click on it to see what is going on. I see you can get 2500 with the $80 gold package. If...
  3. rclay321

    Shard Shop

    Whats up with the Shard shop??? Is it reopening? This is pulled from the wiki This time there is no necessity to spend all your Shards during the event time because the shop will open again for some time after the event ends. So stay tuned and visit our forum for more info. People spent hard...
  4. rclay321

    world killers

    I would like to get enough people together to kill a world. What we would to is all start the world on day one. We would use no gold, but grow as much as possible. Then at a certain point, anywhere from 2 weeks to a month everyone would simply ghost. This only works if we can convince enough...
  5. rclay321


    Looking for members who like to play the game by attacking other players. Also, looking for people who like to defend teammates against other alliances. If interested join, if no then do not join. All players are required to be active while they are logged into Grepolis. #noregerts
  6. rclay321

    Warfare Package Bug

    Something odd happened when I logged into US55. I got this option for warfare packages Now I can only assume this is some big mistake since we were told these would not be used since they are complete garbage and no one wants them in our game
  7. rclay321

    New World Bug

    Anyone having issues logging into the most recent world? It's almost like there is a virus deleting it before I can login
  8. rclay321

    The Fluffy Kittens

    I am returning to Grepolis after a brief absence. Contact me if you want to join, or don't. I don't care either way. Just check out the video on my alliance profile page, it will tell you everything you need to know
  9. rclay321

    The Devils Rejects

    Might be starting here if we can gather enough interest. I am currently making the rounds with friends to see who is all interested. If we start up here it will be around the 10th or so and it will be by link. If you are interested in joining me here send me a PM and I will get back to you...
  10. rclay321

    Idea Question

    This may be a repeat question but, how long does it take until an idea you post becomes visible? I added a few that seemed to be simple additions but where never posted. The one I really would like talked about is trading favor. The favor has to go to a city with the same god. The amount...
  11. rclay321

    Services for Hire

    Not sure if this is the right spot for this thread, but here it goes. I am offering up my services of joining your alliance to set up your forums. This would include any guides i.e. ( building a nuke, revolting, and anything else you may need). I would stay in your alliance for a day or two...
  12. rclay321

    Ace of Hearts

    Old alliance, new world. Based in the south west corner of 54. If you are interested contact Petrika Grosi or Glennthehen in game and you will be considered
  13. rclay321


    Any good wars brewing out there, personally The Devils Rejects are not officially at war with anyone but we are openly attacking anyone who is near is. In fact there is a 6 alliance coalition forming to op is this weekend, so that will be fun :)
  14. rclay321

    App forums problem

    Is anyone else having issues pulling up the forums on the App in this world? This is the only world it doesn't work for me and it is our entire alliance that has issuses
  15. rclay321

    Gen. 1 vs. Gen. 2

    What is the difference between the 2? I play in both and don't really see anything different offhand
  16. rclay321

    The Devils Rejects

    I just thought I would get the message out as to what the alliance expectations will be so everyone can decide now if this is the alliance for them. A good number of us have been playing together for some time and we will stick to the plan we have grown accustomed to. The remainder players have...