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  1. Zeeker348

    Peace Time Rule Change

    I take issue with one of the rules for peacetime and want to see what the community thinks. Town foundings during peacetime are not blocked because there is no battle involved in this process; Domination time is extended and conquest is not applicable during peace time but founding still is...
  2. Zeeker348

    Top 12 - Sinope

    Bored so thought I would make a top 12 post. 1 Magic Knights - Sink - MRA alliance, has few decent players but I honestly don't see them lasting much longer or at least holding a top spot 2 Hades' Hounds - Swim - Bunch of brand new noobs, no chance they make it ;) 3 The High Council - Swim -...
  3. Zeeker348

    Morale Idea

    Just thinking of ways to make LMDs less of a pain. Maybe keep morale applied to players so new players and small players can still benefit from it BUT remove it from their sieges. If they are with an alliance like every player should be their size will not matter and they can get help. This...
  4. Zeeker348

    Double Day for Halloween Event

    Usually in the past there has been a day for the event where all tokens were doubled. One was given and the other was put in the extended inventory. Was this reworked with the other event changes or will this happen again this year? If so, when?
  5. Zeeker348

    Remove Spam

    Recently it seems a bunch of posts were made that seem like complete spam on the forums and its flooding the whats new.. Can a forum mod please clear this?
  6. Zeeker348

    Bonus Gold/Wheel Event

    I am not certain if this is a bug or if this is where I would post this but I have heard many different things with the bonuses given out this morning when purchasing gold. I personally will only receive 10% bonus gold if I buy gold but I have heard some people are getting special tokens and...