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  1. Tbom9

    Mass Ghosting

    p!f Pigs
  2. Tbom9

    POLL: State of the Grepolis Forum Rules

    Lets discuss it here and vote!
  3. Tbom9

    Gribbe Posse's Memes

    If you know, you know....
  4. Tbom9


    Yoooo we got a thread of our own!
  5. Tbom9

    US84 - Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Ryvirath won't give us a forum, so I'm setting up shop here. Anyone wanna do a top 12?
  6. Tbom9

    Pitiful Server

    The morale problem is driving all of the veterans away from the game! Only 300 players on this server at the time I am writing this, why isnt anything being done?
  7. Tbom9

    (PnP) Don't Count Your Cities Before They VM

    Welcome back to another addition of "Look what this idiot sent to Young Guns right before he ate it"!!! Today's special guest, Halosaur! Thanks to some religious Young Gun vacation mode probing (Long range Hydras and Fire Ships ftw :D), it was discovered overnight that Halosaur was going into...
  8. Tbom9

    (PnP) So You Sunk A Young Guns CS...

    Congratulations! You sunk a Young Guns colony ship! The battle has ended with your flag still flying, so what do you do now? Count your blessings and continue simming? Turtle the city? Hit VM? Pull a God Bruche? Leave it empty for the next CS they send (There's always another one) so you can...
  9. Tbom9

    A New Discovery!

    In light of the recent lack of anything else to do in the top alliance, Young Guns scientists have invested more time in discovering the true length of a God Bruche of time. After careful research and calculations, they have discovered the following... A God Bruche of time (Previously known to...
  10. Tbom9

    RIP Pigs

    Rest in spaghetti, never forghetti.... Pigs will learn soon enough that sieging YG wont work...
  11. Tbom9

    Pretty Please....

  12. Tbom9

    Internal Voting in Young Guns

    The vote closes in 0.06 God Bruches, where will the fate of Tbom9 lie? Leading LEX? Simming to a solo crown?
  13. Tbom9

    Tbom's Memes

    My memes!
  14. Tbom9

    Wars of Katane

    MAJOR SCORES AS OF 8/13/18 The 2 largest war scores from each of the top 8 alliances... Young Guns (1) 72 - 9 vs. -LEX- & Splinter Groups (On Our Shields, Achilles Heel, Don't Panic, etc.) 47 - 2 vs. When Pigs Fly/Bacon United/Pig's Pen & Coalition (From Hell, Ingsoc, etc.) Virulent (2) 28 - 6...
  15. Tbom9

    Bring the Domination End Game to Ialysos

    For those of you that are not familiar with the concept that is in the works, here's a link... We know that the code and everything is still in the works, but this post is an attempt to show the moderators the widespread support for the domination end game...
  16. Tbom9

    PnP Stupidity by Osmosis

    It all started in early May when Picnic Bunnies was born. VIRUS, realizing they needed help to even stand a chance against them, turned to M.A.C.O. Defenders, the 3 alliance MRA who rules ocean 34 with 15 LS attacks and unescorted OLU waves and doesn't know what timing attacks even means. This...
  17. Tbom9

    Has Anyone Heard From Dux Vox

    I'm just wondering if anyone has heard anything since Ivan (AKA Dux Vox) went inactive quite a while ago now actually. I don't know why I am asking just now but just tonight I had the worst feeling that like something bad has happened to him.