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    Why are we here?
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    The Bank

    Hey guys, my friend and I are looking to do some gold trading, if you need resources, we'll be happy to trade with you. We're looking to be anyone's bank so that you guys can have more resources to build units and defeat your foes! Investments are also welcome and gives the bank more incentive...
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    HAMMERDOWN is apparently already pacted with the BIG ones and Flying Myth Units :\. As a matter of fact, they are all pacted together. Sigh.
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    Thank You

    Thank you Vikings Kickback and your academy for the cities you have given us. We really appreciate it. Please keep trying to attack our cities as well, we like the free bp. We hope to take more of your cities in the future and to continue killing all of your sweet colony ships. Signed...
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    Top 12: Sink or Swim

    Just because I wanted to make it :p. Give this a few hours.
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    War Scores

    I do this on the Calydon forums as well. Give me the scores of any war and I will post them here. Please try and show proof though. 1. The Krew 17 - 11 Dark Angels
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    Rising Phoenix

    According to a source within RP. they will soon be nothing. Thoughts?
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    Take Notes

    About: Take Notes is a group of players and friends who are ready to fight. We are here to take cities and have fun as a group. Myself: I have played since November 2013. I recently took a break off for school. I have lead a couple alliances, my first few attempts on Gythium and Juktas were...
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    Best Alliances, Worst Alliances

    What alliances do you all think are the best? Which ones are the worst? Leave some names and discuss... Best Alliances: S.T.O.R.M., TBA plus 10 more haha. Worst Alliances: Sledgehammers, Blood Legion
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    Congrats Fight Club

    Congratulations to my old alliance Fight Club on winning the world and soon to be masters of the world. So happy for all of you. Glad I was a part of it!
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    War Scores

    Please give me any scores in wars breaking out and I will post here :). 1.Honey Badgers 16-3 Sinn Fein Winner: Honey Badgers 2. Fallen Sons 9-0 Honey Badgers Winner: Fallen Sons 3.The ODC 3-0 United Front 4..aka: 2-0 The Storm Winner: The Storm 5. Honey Badgers 3-1 Refugees Winner: Refugees? 6...
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    Rate The Player Above You

    This world forum has been a bit quiet. hopefully this will get some activity :) Points - ?/10 ABP - ?/10 DBP - ?/10 Alliance - ?/10 Position - ?/10 Overall = ?/50 Username: Swift Spiff
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    Sparta Milestones

    Using an old template from my friend Paul S. :). Sparta Milestones Individual Polis Count (first to gain): 2 Towns: 5 Towns: 10 Towns: 25 Towns: 50 Towns: 100 Towns: 250 Towns: First Player to (x) Points: 1,000 Points: 3,000 Points: 5,000 Points: 7,500 Points: 10K...
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    Rate The Player Above You

    Rate the player above you :D! Points - ?/10 ABP - ?/10 DBP - ?/10 Alliance - ?/10 Position - ?/10 Overall = ?/50 My username is iantheFab :p
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    Trash Talk Thread- Sparta

    Ok chumps lets ball. You all suck :p
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    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Way to early, just making the thread now for later use, unless you want to make a list now :p
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    Newspaper Anyone?

    I was thinking about making another newspaper for the world, is this something you guys would be interested in?
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    Well since it looks like angelo is gone and with all the changes that have happened, it looks like its time for a new one of these. Any wars please post below and their current score :)
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    Hello Marathon????

    Did all of the marathon forum goers leave :(??? Someone start a big war, so we have something to talk about haha
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    Artemisia I of Caria- Marathon

    Hey Marathon forum goers!! How are you guys liking the new event so far?? Liking all those Defensive Naval Units and Light Ships?? Tell me what you guys think!