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  1. Maleficient

    Winds of Change: Feedback Thread

    Bleck! ask me my opinion of the "more Hearts, clouds and breasts" Strawberry shortcake, my little pony JOKE!" Nah.... don't!
  2. Maleficient

    Update to V2.88 - Update

    trading with he marketplace and farmvillages isn't loading properly it works when you do it, but the loading bar is inverting.
  3. Maleficient

    Battle Royale Round 3

    Good Luck ALL
  4. Maleficient

    Battle Royale (Crash586 vs. tmes85)

    very impressive. on both
  5. Maleficient

    Battle Royale (bmikey vs Scipio Africanus I)

    Both are nice. I really like the concept in #2 and the contrast