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  1. Who would win?

    tecarte sc & dark elite vs. vicious and delicious & infection
  2. X-Files

    i am none of these
  3. The Image, Knossos

    will you stay in the alliance is my question?
  4. Looking for an alliance.

    thank you for asking but i would prefer joining a good alliance later lol :) i may bring a merge with you
  5. Hydra

    but be afraid of hercules lol
  6. Looking for an alliance.

    I agree to you sousa :)
  7. US35 - Knossos Preworld Discussion Thread

    good luck to all !
  8. US35 - Knossos Preworld Discussion Thread

    hope to see you guys in the world anyways i am going O55
  9. Best and Worst of Juktas

    i think the conversation is going no good
  10. Allie, War, Disband

    Anadtasis-ally friends -war see- disband lol Radioactive the summit Futurus sanguis
  11. Alliance Battles

    i don't think they will dissolve they will just restart lol they ain't gonna loose much but gain a lot of bp's
  12. Easter Event 2014 Discussion Thread

    better than the olympic one :) you know why i say this
  13. Sink Or Swim (after BP ends for most players)

    1 FireBreathing Ducks float until it has a major war then sink 2 The Borg Collective bad leadership but few good players hope to float 3 Kings of Olympos any doubts? sink 4 Lords of Chaos ofcource sink 5 FRIENDS i hope no one needs to ask me this sink 6 Ancient Warriors...
  14. World Juktas (US34) Preworld Discussion Thread

    llol i dont think so may be in a hour or a couple may be
  15. Direction?

    refreshing the page since 11+ hrs :( but .........not still opened
  16. Direction?

    nice meet you in the abp ranking list if i play
  17. Direction?

    if it is O45 hand of time is here.......
  18. Direction?

    you can join us in the dark side of grepolis.......
  19. Hand of Time

    i hope there would be a strong player near me
  20. AC04's Auto-Updating Maps~ Juktas

    i know that but still some info can be said ....