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  1. Best Wishes

    Best Wishes to all of you guys, enemies and allies
  2. Average MRA

    Join us or be spammed with invites .. I also claim the crown for the best name so far :P
  3. AD, the hammer holder

    AD has single handedly ruined this world and possibly this server.
  4. Wars of Actium

    Wars of Actium Massacres Trash Talk vs. Stealthy Pandas 23-2 Trash Talk vs. The Saints 19-1 Bundle of Sticks(Undefeated) vs. The Illuminati 18-0!! Bundle of Sticks vs. The Plague Co. 7-0 Bundle of Sticks vs. The Bish 8-0 Talk Trash vs. Super Duper 7-0 Talk Trash vs...
  5. PnP How to get Rimmed by the #1 Alliance

    How to get Rimmed by the #1 Alliance Hello ladies and gentlemen, today we are going to be lesrning how to get rimmed by the #1 alliance. Here's what youll need. Ingredients Colony Ship Messaging skills Annoyance Timing OLU Nuke STEP 1 Develop a hatred for the #1 alliance and talk trash...
  6. Divine Offer

    I'm not sure if this little offer is going to all worlds or just Actium but it feels like its just Actium. Can Inno please, stop putting this little Divine Offer up that offers a 40% discount on gold. What really ticks me is that, we literally just had that like, less then 12 hours ago, now...
  7. October's Very Own (Possible)

    Details : October's Very Own is a group of tight knit players, coming from multiple worlds to fight together to claim territory, pride, and greatness. That's all I have to say on that matter besides the fact that I'm a little tired of seeing the same fan favorite alliance form over in every...