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  1. PR3DATOR6700

    'Issues with Tissues'

    Rumor has it War Dogs are gonna change their name to War Turtles because that’s the only way they can hold off RoO
  2. PR3DATOR6700

    Top 12

    P3's kinda quick Top 12 predictions 1. War Dogs - Swim Pushing forward with no signs of slowing down. 2. Bad Intentions - Float Doing ok for now, trying to deal with getting things together and saving their allies. This merge with TBD could be the rise of them or the great fall so they float...
  3. PR3DATOR6700

    Sestos Rumor Mill

    You sure?
  4. PR3DATOR6700

    History of Sestos

    This world's forum is pretty dead so I thought I'd try and give it some more life by starting a topic that allows all the alliances to talk about themselves and all their accomplishments, which I'm sure some to do more than others (feel free to point fingers lol). So in this thread, I would...
  5. PR3DATOR6700

    War Updates

    I guess I'll use the quiet forums to promote my favorite alliance, Daddy's Little Devils (#12 WOO!) Daddy's Little Devils 31 - 1 Tassy Mountaineers (the alliance that dropped all their pacts just to war with us) Daddy's Little Devils 17 - 1 The Fallen Sons We do have one war win under our belt...
  6. PR3DATOR6700

    Sestos Rumor Mill

    Rumor has it TASSY MOUNTAINEERS has dropped all of their pacts (Ashes, Jackals, etc.) to fight Daddy's Little Devils. So expect a large point increase from DLD
  7. PR3DATOR6700

    Top 12 Sink or Swim

    I know it's "Top 12" but for curiosity sake is anyone willing to make a list expanding to top 20? There are some alliances clawing their way up that just haven't made it yet that may have some potential