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  1. geomancer


    Would like to congratulate Rogue for winning the world. You guys deserve the win. Though i would be very happy if there were 2 strong alliance in fight and had it not ended soon . As it's rare to get 6-6 World. Wishes to everyone and have fun :)
  2. geomancer

    Points different in alliance and Ranking

    Hi, The point is different in alliance and ranking menu. Normally it wouldn't be issue. But its not allowing to join an alliance even if you met the requirements for point.
  3. geomancer

    Not getting eggs in event Tril of The Slingers

    I don't know if its a bug or working as intended but i am not getting a single egg from event trial of the slinger from past 6 days which is in contrast with getting 21 in the first 5 days in 15-22 attempts which i usually do.I know that the probability of getting the eggs decrease as u get...
  4. geomancer

    Hideout of Favor

    I think like a resource hideout the favor hideout should also be there so that some favor cannot be stolen.I agree it should not be much and may depend on temple level, but in current scenario u cannot do anything if u know that your favor is going to looted.There should be a safe limit which u...