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  1. Best Wishes

    Best Wishes to all of you guys, enemies and allies
  2. October's Very Own (Possible)

    Nobody wants to play with me, yet I got 8 invites. I like how you're doing research on me, c'mon kid. Dont you have homework to do ? Or am I your homework ? If so than you should drop out of highschool rn
  3. October's Very Own (Possible)

    When did I ever send you that message ? PoseidonsWrath, I may be the biggest loud mouth in your own eyes but I don't care too much what you have to say since you're nothing else but a sorry excuse.
  4. October's Very Own (Possible)

    If I do recall, my alliance took cities from you guys without even a fight. So if we're crap, what does that make Super Duper ? You seem to always be talking about me and what I do, you need to get a life. For real, at least at the end of the day I'll have real life friends and an actual...
  5. October's Very Own (Possible)

    Are all of the members of TT insane and take this game like its the own reality. I was leading fine, we merged fool. Maybe you will have better luck trying to recruit. Word is it that you're contacting everybody's alliance asking their top members to join.
  6. October's Very Own (Possible)

    I like that you're laughing debot(Not a typo), considering you were trying to recruit all of my top members yet not a single one of them joined your alliance. Lead much ?
  7. October's Very Own (Possible)

    It was fun while it lasted ..
  8. Garbage leadership from the #1 Team

    Its easy to get ABP and DBP when you attack the top players of the world's LS and OLU nukes while they're "absent" thsn defend the siege from all of those who dont like you guys already. So I wouldnt brag about it. Like I said before, my players dont even like you.. team players and fighters...
  9. Garbage leadership from the #1 Team

    Ill join Unsullied before I join TT
  10. Garbage leadership from the #1 Team

    I only talk trash to people who cheat, or brag about conquering cities from a player whos, "absent". I like how you keep contacting my members begging them to join. Its really amusing honestly and we all laugh at you. Funny how your boy raintown tries to use that exact offline time schedule...
  11. AD, the hammer holder

    Ignore him Pipo, PW is always trying to trash every alliance because he's having RL issues.
  12. A New Breeze, A New Feeling

    Yo this world is wack.. For me at least, join the en server revolt world before you end up too far from the action.
  13. AD, the hammer holder

    Binder, you obviously dont understand my statement so I wouldn't quote it. Ya'll ain't the north side.. We are the true 6ixSide
  14. Average MRA

    Join us or be spammed with invites .. I also claim the crown for the best name so far :P
  15. AD, the hammer holder

    Well, its against the rules to talk about players getting banned coincidentally after leaving their alliance so I wont lol
  16. AD, the hammer holder

    It seems like everybody has disregarded any hate for each and put it together against AD. I've never seen someone so hated, its not even for fun or just to mess with him either. People truly hate him for what he did. I can tell you right now that his reputation is over.
  17. Garbage leadership from the #1 Team

    Right on my brother.. Right on ;D
  18. AD, the hammer holder

    That's bot at all what I was implying but if you wanna come to the six did its whatever.. Plus, Super wouldn't crush us. We've taken a city from you guys before. Didn't even put up a fight.. You'll learn our name just like the rest of these alliances.
  19. AD, the hammer holder

    AD should watch his back. The Northside is coming, along with winter. He did spill some stuff though. I believe his words were, I'm going to send this pact offer to Super Duper so we can team up on the server. The reactions were pretty funny after he said that. Most involved language that can't...