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  1. New Gold System

    Hello guys, I was just wondering what everyone's opinions are for the new gold system? To me, i think it's really hard on gold spenders - especially in the early stages of the games. I like this because it makes it harder for people to pay to win. On the other hand, its scaling feels...
  2. Revolt and Colony Ships

    Can a member stir up a revolt and another person send a colony ship? Thanks Kirruu
  3. Ships

    So I have units that can destroy a city I spied on. However, He has berimes (only 3) If I attack, will I lose troops before they land?
  4. Grepolis Halloween Recipe Guide

    GREPOLIS DEMOCRITUS HALLOWEEN CAULDRON RECIPE GUIDE If you lead an alliance or want to lead an alliance in Upsilon, please contact me if you want to join Havoc :) Special Thanks for these people who helped out: - Hugeempire - Charl - Vhaidren - KingDingDong - Members of Havoc: Oleg Gusarov...
  5. Strategy

    I know the types of nukes, but what determines how many of each unit? Is it wise to attack decent sized cities before having a colony ship? Cities that you know you can beat?
  6. Quest Spells

    Can someone please help explain the correct uses for each spell? Particularity the "Forced Loyalty". If you use it to loot, and they still revolt, what is the purpose of it.