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  1. Tbones premade

    I'm going to start pre made the requirements are as follows - Player before - Not garbage - Can proof prior line - On a lot - Use skype - Can speak some what clear English
  2. First good player rimmer any bets?

    Well I'm just saying this cause #1golder in world #1 in points anyhow has me in revolt xD but they did give me that double bp badge so.... thisisgrepolisthisisgrepolisthisisgrepolis:@:@:@
  3. Crazy stuff

    anything crazy going down after bp
  4. premade

    yo whats going on anyone coming to this world?
  5. Top 12 players

    Theirs always a post about allys but what about a post on players that can swing a war or carry a team. Those that stand out as a really big pain . I am new to grep but wanted to post something like dis
  6. Planned Wars

    So anyone going after anyone after bp, and even if you wont say who anyone have a major op that's gonna happen soon. 8)
  7. Delphi Newspaper

    So I was talking to some people and this got brought back up. I have thought about doing a newspaper that I will keep unbiased and let everyone check out to make sure its clean and true cause well if its not its not a lot of fun to read. So if you guys like the idea just post here if not well I...
  8. New life

    So does anyone even check this thing anymore
  9. Lamia Real Wars

    This thread is for any small or large wars out there 8)