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  1. Abigaill

    Casual world?

    For a "casual" world there is a severe shortage of anchor spots on islands with farms. Inno convert the 'invite only' spaces to anchors and ghost the inactive players.
  2. Abigaill

    Initial Domination Rankings

    My allies were trying to formulate how to break up the BS lead, and I sadly reminded them of those numbers. My suggestion was to congratulate BS now - so I'll do it. Gratz on the win. I do think it's messed up that a dead alliance Stray Cats will end up in the top 3 ......
  3. Abigaill

    Update 2.176 Discussion Thread

    I also like the idea of being able to return empty transports easier than now, I'll go one step further. How about empty transports return automatically? They have no off/def value so there is no need to keep them in the enemy harbor.
  4. Abigaill

    Morale System: First Stage

    I know this is an old thread but it was a subject I was interested in. Would have it been too difficult to put a link to the DevBlog discussion?
  5. Abigaill

    Update 2.176 Discussion Thread

    The description for the new hero: Effect: When Perseus fights against all mythical units, their attacking and defensive values are decreased by 5% Does "fights against all mythical units" mean the decrease works no matter what type of myth attacks (harpy, griffin etc), or does it mean it has to...
  6. Abigaill

    Update 2.175 Discussion Thread

    How about posting here the contents of the update in the first post so we can reference what we are discussing? ... or allow discussion on the thread you posted the change?
  7. Abigaill

    The future of Katane

    Well at the moment I write this, YG has a 1/2 million point lead on IE. The only reason IE has jumped up the ranks is because they took in a lot of Horde players in the past few days
  8. Abigaill

    Top 12

    Well it looks like hammerdown got hammered down
  9. Abigaill

    looking for some people from previous worlds

    The only think I was inaccurate about was the cost and I'm probably mistaken. But I do know there was a limit to where it wouldn't let you cut it in half. Not sure if it was the number of times you cut it, or if it was the amount of time remaining that couldn't be cut - but I sure recall the...
  10. Abigaill

    looking for some people from previous worlds

    50 gold reduced the construction time by half, 100 gold would reduce it by half again but I think I remember there was a cooldown between uses. There was a limit as to how many times you could reduce it based on the total length of time the construction was. What wasn't fair about the system was...
  11. Abigaill

    How to Pronounce Katane

    Catania was founded as a Greek Colony named Κατάνη pronounced Katánē So it's Kaht-AH-nee
  12. Abigaill

    Pre World US 73 Lapithos Discussion

    Speed 3/4 worlds are for players that can be very active and drop what they are doing in RL to answer the alarm. There are many players in speed 3/4 world that rage quit because they go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning with half their cities already conked. I've always suggested...
  13. Abigaill

    Trash Talk

    The difference is we weren't the ones bragging
  14. Abigaill

    Trash Talk

    Don't pat yourself on the back too hard - in YG's last 50 sieges, only 2 of them were Lex kills
  15. Abigaill

    Wars of Katane

    What the chart in the OP doesn't show is all the failed sieges that were successfully defended against. So if you have lets say 2 wins, that doesn't mean as much if there were 10 failed attempts.
  16. Abigaill

    Dead World

    A week later and no replies - that tell you anything?
  17. Abigaill

    Chuckey wuz here

  18. Abigaill

    US18 - Rho Preworld Thread

    If you all want to start next to each other, let one player join, then that player can invite the others to specific locations.
  19. Abigaill

    Milestones of Rho

    Better yet, why isn't a template used so the milestones are common between worlds? Forum mod, how about creating a new thread "what milestones should be included in the Milestones thread" and moving these posts into it? I think threatening to closed a thread in a tab with only 2 threads in it...
  20. Abigaill

    Grepolympics Info bug

    OK, well a week later and it still brings up the easter event.