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  1. ShreftyThred

    The boys are here

    The banana bottom boys have arrived, if you too peel your bananas from the bottom message me for an invite. we are 2 strong as of now, but hopeful for a 3rd
  2. ShreftyThred

    Lets revolt, you bunch of rebels you

    So here we are, back again. I've made some hippy cool new gfx and feel content with my work. as you can see by this header, ive came up with a name I like. Slyce. now ill talk more about me and my experiences. Many of you know me, I'm sure some of you don't. I've been lurking around here for 6...
  3. ShreftyThred


    here in O33, must be active, loyal and willing to play, let me know if your interested.
  4. ShreftyThred

    JKA vs. Haze

    Haze has painted *J.K.A*'s flags red, after several attacks from JKA, Founder of Haze went on to approach Killacharger to calmly distinguish the situation, But was instantly insulted. ShreftyThred stated earlier "I dont think this world is big enough for Killachargers head" So far no...
  5. ShreftyThred


    hello, im new to the US servers, EN was getting a bit to crowded. as of now im starting an alliance called HaZe, we are located in Delta, but will be moving to the next world when the opportunity presents itself. so, im your new guy. i plan on planting roots here. look forward to conversing with...