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  1. Saving This World

    Those players don’t even know you. Keep fronting. You are a complete irrelevance in this game. You barely play but you troll the message boards with deluded, misleading propaganda to promote your image? I don’t know, just a guess, not sure why you believe your image is so important but...
  2. Ladon's population differential attack boost

    I am not endorsing your numbers since I haven't done the math myself, but assuming you're correct, it wouldn't be unusual to see 75k support in a city in mid- and late-game in an active world. Say, 4k biremes and 2.5k FTS? Definitely possible. Remember, city population puts a cap on the...
  3. dead world

    This exchange is all kind of funny because Raevon isn’t even in this world and I’m pretty sure they’re referring to US101-Carystus. And Lord Corny just lost 7 cities in 2 days so if he isn’t scared maybe he should be! Lol
  4. Saving This World

    And again, literally nothing you say is true. You are completely delusional. But that's not the point. You saying someone “isn’t even good" is a laugh out loud joke because you obviously have no clue what good is. You just pretend you do. And everyone knows it.
  5. 103 Premade

    This sounds right. How do you expect Innogames to prove the rule-breaking intent of a human being sending a lot of attacks? We all know players on US servers have become super soft. For me, the latest evidence was being accused of spamming twice in the last week on US-102 Dion (CQ). Mind you...
  6. Saving This World

    Pot, meet kettle.
  7. Swim, sink, or float

    You play out the string in worlds motivated by pettiness and spite, and you are so deluded you wear it like a badge of honor. Everyone else can see it for what it is, which is why you always end up playing alone. You can call VM a “strategy” but the tactic is universally scorned and I don’t...
  8. Swim, sink, or float

    You went into VM to hold those 9 cities, don't pretend like you wouldn't have ended up with zero otherwise.
  9. dead world

    Really? You think the winners are lamenting? Not so sure about that… I think you’re missing the not-so-subtle overtones in these post mortem exchanges. The rest of your post is equally difficult to square. Did you even play US 101? Not sure where you’re going with your post. To the extent...
  10. dead world

    The loser’s lament of every world since the dawn of Grepolis. Sometimes there’s some truth to it, other times not so much… In this case, nothing killed US-101 Carystus because the world was already dead as soon as it dropped. But if there were things that DID kill Carystus, surely at the top...
  11. dead world

    I don't know where you're going with this. The only pacted alliances in this world so far are yours!
  12. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    BB - a thoughtful post, and I’d want you on my team in any world, but I have to respectfully disagree with you here. First, while we’re on the same page about the meaningless and futility of rehashing the events of past worlds, part of the reason for that is because of the way some people, like...
  13. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find Too easy. I mean, how unhinged can you be? It’s not like these things are hard to prove. What are you going to...
  14. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    Uh oh, now this thread is really going to go off the rails. This guys is almost as detached from reality as Emperor Loki but 100x as obnoxious. Exhibit A of his delusions of grandeur is the sign off with a heart and his references to having friends, lol. Wishful thinking! If there’s anyone...
  15. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    Durrr... I can't be so irrelevant if you're making forum posts to annoy me. Or you're wasting your time making forum posts to annoy random, irrelevant online strangers. Seems like you need a logic-check.
  16. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    Shhh... jpXxxXover-compensating still thinks I play US-100. Actually, the first three worlds I played were CQ. There was Grepolis before Grepolife, but you probably wouldn't know that, would you, short-timer? You should stick to making top-ten posts for dead worlds that no one will read, and...
  17. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    Sounds like you feel like you have something to prove. That’s how chumps carry themselves, not winners. Keep running your mouth in the externals to prove how full of it you are.
  18. -Exit Strategy- missing / Need help to find

    Anonymous poster talking about being a man. That’s funny. What is it with int’l goobers coming over to play US? US is bush league, we know. So why? I imagine it’s the scrubs who can’t hack it on EN and want to fluff themselves a little for the ego boost on US. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me...
  19. Morale and speed

    No, but your poor attempts at damage control are rather enjoyable to watch for their transparent desperation, and because you just cannot help yourself, can you?
  20. Morale and speed

    Nah, you’re just fronting. You’re in two absolutely dead worlds, one of which you’re gold trading. You don’t need or want VM. You are not nearly as clever as you think you are, and you don’t give people enough credit for being able to see right through your crap.