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  1. Trash talk

    Brody must be unemployed again and looking to vent his frustration at constantly having to switch accounts while having 0 impact on the server. So impressive hahaha get on your bike and go find a job.
  2. Victor Of Delos

    Congrats Allies...... Well played.
  3. Grepolisscore discussion

    I kinda like it. Probably would keep people from switching names as often. Also depends on what more visible up front means. If its just another award in the profile it would not be a big deal to me, i know what awards i've achieved where. If it were some kind of leaderboard or in game...
  4. how does bp distribution work?

    If you are looking for naval DBP use fire ships. They take forever but will wilt LS nukes and you always get more BP then the attacker does. If there are birs in the port then the birs go first and your FS take out whatever LS are left on a 1:1 ratio and FS take less free pop and far less res...