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  1. Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    I'd have to find the original proposal but yes 2 of the draft alliances and most likely soon a third have established sister alliances. The last team may end up doing the same when they drop but we shall see. MM is the only team so far with a full sister, the others are much, much smaller atm...
  2. Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    Who's hugging? BP hasn't even ended for there to be hugging.
  3. Top 12 - Sink or Swim

    Hey can we get some Top 12 predictions before Bp ends. I like reading peoples's initial thoughts based on just rosters and location before the battling begins and then seeing how accurate they are after the fighting starts...just like with sport commentators/analysts.
  4. Attack sounder

    So I saw that Grep is doing an update on June.12th, 2019 but yet the bug fixes don't mention the attack alarm which imo is way more important than all the fixes they have listed. Is there a timetable for when, what I consider, one of the most important aspects of the game will be fixed...
  5. Time For Challenge?! :)

    Sounds like a great idea, no more multiple sister alliances, helps make a world be competitive, respect the cap for once. I think pacts should be limited too, which could be interesting...or no pacts. Hopefully it'll be no morale too, survival of the fittest but that probably won't happen. This...
  6. Trash Talk

    You're going to have to show me when we started "expanding" in O54, that must pre-date me. speaking of date, I'm pretty sure datepalm was one of the guys attacking our players and if LSB was a "branch" why did they have to join LG? Why did Sulley quit not long after that merge? if they were...
  7. Trash Talk

    i don't see why you even argue with them Chudd, they start a fight by attacking our players then seem dumbfounded that we ended up fighting them lmfao then they support sieges of another alliance who also was attacking our players (LSB) and still seem clueless or maybe this Joseph guy (not that...
  8. Poll for Possible New world Suggestions

    i like the idea of having pre-paid worlds with limited gold spending like the old grepo that cuts time in half, no instabuild and keep the advisors, and you can only gold trade a certain amount daily, also an end game where the Victors are the alliance with the best fighters and control the most...
  9. Under Cover Marine?

    who is he?
  10. How?

    Yea that's the new grepo for you when gold can get you a maxed out city with full nukes before the end of Bp, no more stages, no more recovery time, it whoever spends more and has a lil grepo knowledge sadly, wish inno would put a cap on daily gold usage and bring the game back to one that's...
  11. New world! US56 - Myonia

  12. New world! US56 - Myonia

    Exactly how am i going to get my 24hrs of straight 5 min demanding back :mad: innoooooooo!!!!!!!
  13. New world! US56 - Myonia

    if they care about providing good customer service then they should make up for it somehow seeing there are people who pay to keep their revenue up which lets other continue to play for free, thats just good business practice.
  14. New world! US56 - Myonia

    they could've atleast started the world thread for all the recruiting and discussions
  15. New world! US56 - Myonia

    hopefully they make up for the delay
  16. New world! US56 - Myonia

    ^^^ exactly lol
  17. New world! US56 - Myonia

    and the wait continues...
  18. New world! US56 - Myonia

    we're trying fig we really are but when grepo says they're opening a new world on x date we kinda expect it to be before the sun goes down because otherwise they could've just opened it on the 19th, its just a lot to be constantly checking and still see nothing especially when they opened other...
  19. New world! US56 - Myonia

    i wish they'd hurry up and open up this world already or give us an estimate of how longer it'll be
  20. New world! US56 - Myonia

    they should've just released it on the 19th as long as we've been waiting lol i know the new world for the EN servers was open this morning but its all good