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  1. US 102 - Pretty Please

    Speed 3 or 4 no MO NB yes
  2. Saving This World

    you make us ghost , we all get scare because of you sgtseeker
  3. New world

  4. Wheres the buffs

    Maybe technical problem.....
  5. dead world

    how about server 101 when kiddie kill the server by taking all the top players from VENDETTA
  6. dead world

  7. US 102 - Pretty Please

    Conquest, for sure
  8. Just found US Servers

    they wont listen to what we say anyway, they destroy us101 only 2 team's playing and the top one has double the points
  9. Sparta Vs Hades 2021 Feedback Thread

    the server is dying with or without event
  10. Event-Server 101

    this server will die in few day's
  11. Event-Server 101

    Any event coming soon ? Maybe with a new event more players will join the server 101 because look's dead already Also maybe INNO could change the speed to "3" ????
  12. Incantation Circle 2020 Feedback Thread

    no Christmas event this year ?
  13. New world whispers

    we hope for CQ world right before the incantation event
  14. General

    we spent time and gold on this game and now we can not found city's only on NO FARM ISLAND'S ???????????????
  15. Account take over

    Some time RL come's in bet so some people decide to quit. if you are active player give a buzz i will tlk to you about the details