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  1. New World

    4/4 or 3/3 revolt please
  2. Top 12 Sink or Swim

    Well...This ended well.
  3. Da War....

    So are y'all done talking now that you got smacked in the mouth?
  4. Rumor Mill

    Hahaha, Love ya Penny. Have fun on the new server will ya? It was great playing with you.
  5. Rumor Mill

    Rumor has it that Worldy is a SEXY beast.
  6. Interview Thread

    @theonejoshmon ......Who are you?
  7. He's cut!

    What were you saying?
  8. Da War....

    Sure, but you can't shame us for our bodies.
  9. Da War....

    Badboy! I can't believe you're here! I mean, ever since you moved into my neighborhood you haven't came to visit! I've knocked on your door a few times but you somehow always seem to have the "wisdom" of knowing that I'm coming 1 minute after I leave my city! I wish you would pay me a visit...
  10. Da War....

    LOL! "Begging?" More like giving you an opportunity to continue to play in the world, your alliance is basically dead weight with a few good players near the top. We want to cut our dead weight and bring in more good players, sounds like a smart tactic to me.
  11. Da War....

    Everyone knows Mortis is just using Men in Thongs, Antiquity, House of Ares, and everything else as sponges so that they can attract attention away from them while they turtle up.
  12. Antiquity MRA?

    RUT ROH!!! The old crew is coming back together after a LOOOONG time. Sorry to go against the newly found grain of grep, but we are not an MRA. And if you are, you may want to find a place better suited for you... like the rim :D No pacts of any kind... don't even ask Recruitment: You should...
  13. Rumor Mill

    Rumor has it working with "the enemy of my enemy" is a pact.