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  1. Espionage

    Thank you Netizen Steve, you left out a few details though. Basically spying is a cave vs cave battle where he (or she) who has the most silver in their caves wins... to get a successful spy report you must send more silver than the target has in their cave. There a two typical types of spying...
  2. Agora Simulator not displaying buttons for 'Simulate' or 'Add Surviving Units'

    If the zoom option does not clear the issue, check your add ons. Simply disable your add-ons, refresh and check. If the problem corrects itself, then re-enable the add-ons one at a time. Refresh and check after each time. One you identify which add on is causing the issue, check the settings...
  3. Agora Simulator not displaying buttons for 'Simulate' or 'Add Surviving Units'

    Frequently this is simply your screen magnification needs to be adjusted. Hold down your control key and scroll with your center mouse button.
  4. Grepolis Update 2.217 Discussion Thread

    That is definitely something I will can Ryvirath to inquire about.
  5. Greek Cup 2020

    Attention App players. The competition portion of the Greek Cup has ended. Apparently when it did, it closed your access to the Scores and the Shop which are still accessible to browser users. We are working on this bug. Please use the browser version to continue to access the event.
  6. Grepolis Update 2.217 Discussion Thread

    We are looking into that issue.
  7. Change my Mind

    I don't normally say much here however from experience gold is like a player modifier. It can't replace game skills, even though some try.
  8. Farewell to one and all.

    You will be missed
  9. Can't make connection to server on mobile

    For mobile players, this is largely dependent on the data service, as opposed to the phone service, in your particular area. You can have great phone service and next to no data service in some areas. Check with your service provider for details of their data service.
  10. BP and Favour Farming

    Contact me in private. I will walk you through it.
  11. BP and Favour Farming

    Here is my two cents as a player. While I somewhat agree there is an issue here I also see it this way, someone had to create all of those CS's. With the resources and build times that is a major commitment to create this BP bomb, for lack of a better description. Is this agreeable under a...
  12. Carphi Top 12

    Thank you for noting this.
  13. US Servers

    New worlds are posted as separate threads under
  14. Shared connection improvements

    Ok let's run with your concept... According to what you stated, you want to get rid of a rule that gives players an unfair advantage over everyone to balance the playing field over one specific group of players. Remember that a summary of what you stated above. So lets review your concept and...
  15. The Last 24 Hours.

    Hello Everyone, I would like to bring you up to date as to what is going on from our end. Please be advised I will not be answering questions or comments on this posting. With the last update, we had new tools added to our arsenal. As with most new tools, there are potential glitches. We have...
  16. Players Getting Banned rather than lose cities

    Thank you for bringing up this issue. While you do have a valid question, I would caution against anyone mentioning specific bans in the open forum.
  17. Shared connection improvements

    Thank you for bringing up this issue. As one that has lived through declared sharing I know your pain, however, there are two sides to this issue. Grepolis is a family oriented game and we encourage families playing and growing together in their Grepolis lives. However, as with most games like...
  18. US Servers

    Just a reminder, they have changed how morale affects the game: From what I understand they are looking at further changes beyond these.