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  1. dalec returns

    Far To early Sink or Swim

    1. Havoc. Float then sink They have a few good members but they are far to spread out and they have bad leadership 2. War.Hammer My alliance you decide but obviously swim 3. Name Changers Swim They have good members with a lot of experience 4. Unsullied Swim They have a strong leadership...
  2. dalec returns


    War.hammer: South East About me I have been out of this game for a while because of family issues and i am keen to get back in and play again. I have been playing this game for a long time under different names my first real world was EN21 under Dalecn. I tried to make alliance on the US...
  3. dalec returns


    Who do you think will be the top 5 alliances order does not matter in 1 week 2 weeks 1 mounth
  4. dalec returns

    Best and worst of Gythium

    Best Player: Best Alliance: Best Fighter: Best Defender: Best Alliance Leader: Worst Player: Worst Alliance: Best Alliance Profile: Worst Alliance Profile: Best Player Profile: Worst Player Profile: Best Alliance Name: Worst Alliance Name: Best Player Name: Worst Player Name:
  5. dalec returns


    What are your opinions on the wars in ocean 54 ocean 55 ocean 45 and who do you think will win and post any other wars you know of
  6. dalec returns

    Rate the player above you

    Rate the player above you Points - ?/10 ABP - ?/10 DBP - ?/10 Alliance - ?/10 Position - ?/10 Overall = ?/50
  7. dalec returns

    South East: War Hammer

    About me: I have played on this game since en 1 under a few names i have won the world in alliance once i was the recruiter and once i was a leader. I have tried to make a pre made before but we fell apart but i have learnt from my mistakes and will make a new alliance a lot stronger. For...