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    they are scared they cant waste enough money to keep them safe so they made a pact with the doctors hahahaha everyday we get something new to laugh at them about
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    inactives dont fight back hahaha how did it go trying to take my city today o thats right not so well u guys are clowns thanks for the cities ill come take more
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    thats pretty cute how come u didnt come on here and say i took a city from u and menbhuk on that note how many have u taken from me hahahahaha dont go after internals and brag about it and tell your guys if they want to double account dont admit it to us

    that is pretty funny considering our player hopelost had reported all of them and then they got left hahahaha who are u guys get outta here trying to claim credit for stuff u were barely on the sidelines to watch
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    hahahaha Im laughing to hard right now how could the mercenaries make any1 ghost when they were sitting on the rim watching every1 else fight what did u do take cities from one guy and they all just ghosted hahahahahaha u shouldn't take credit for things u had nothing to do with