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  1. Welcome to the new forums!

    omg this is awful... I'm totally lost here Looks like Barbie's new home in Vanilla Paradise. Hey Inno, this is Grepolis! A War Game, remember? Why do you always need to make things worse?
  2. Deactivation of Grepolis Mobile Website - Discussion

    Didn't even know that a mobile website existed :( I've just tried it out, works significantly better for me than the mobile app (which really sucks). On mobile website the user interface is better, much faster and more logical. Too bad you guys didn't do anything to advertise the mobile website...
  3. Update to V2.111 - Changelog

    I really don't know whether I should laugh or cry ... the bug is still there, even after today's update. This is getting ridiculous!
  4. App update to 2.110 - Changelog

    these new green confirmation pop-ups are terrible... when they were announced some days ago I didn't realize they would be so obtrusive
  5. App update to 2.110 - Changelog

    Same procedure as always. They are giving us some eye candy rather than fixing the essential bugs. Why am I not surprised... Developers, please go and fix the recruiting bug, will you PLEASE
  6. training queue doesn't get cleared

    the Bug was not fixed. Recruiting queue still doesn't get cleared when finished. I don't get it. Can't be rocket science to fix this darn bug, can it.
  7. training queue doesn't get cleared

    when will this really annoying bug get fixed? We have seen 2 updates in the meantime but none of them did fix the recruiting bug. I am sick and tired of refreshing my browser every few minutes just to clear the recruiting troops/ships queue!
  8. can't log in -- update going on for 45 minutes now

    how long does it take to do today's update (which wasn't even announced btw) ?? I have tried for the past 45 minutes to log in to Helorus but always get the system notification shown below. My other worlds (us-Baris and en-Dimale) are working fine after update, just Helorus doesn't let me log...
  9. DIO-Tools (Official)

    Hi Dio :) Could you please check this. After the last upgrade the Start button in simulation window has disappeared, doing a simulation is impossible. I need to disable Dio tools and refresh the browser to make a simulation work. See screenshot.
  10. training queue doesn't get cleared

    world: Helorus (but not world specific, is the same in every world I'm playing) After today's upgrade, the training queue doesn't clear up when the training of the units was finished. Clicking the X to delete the finished unit groups from queue doesn't work either. A browser refresh is needed...
  11. Update to V2.107 - Changelog

    nah, no hassle at all. Even with 80+ cities it's done within 2 minutes. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to jump from one city to another and click loot or demand with your mouse. Easy and fast.
  12. Halloween event: ingredients

    Guys *sigh* do I really need to add ... tags? Of course I get rewards for recruiting troops, too. What I wanted to point out was, that Inno is offering rewards for "not recruiting" troops. Know what I mean? They need to have a look at their description because it is easy to be misunderstood...
  13. Halloween event: ingredients

    Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Mods & Developers, Today I performed all actions that I had to for getting some ingredients: I attacked, defended, built my city, did researches , cast divine powers, and did no recruiting. However, I was not offered any ingredients for not recruiting troops...
  14. DIO-Tools (Official)

    Version 3.0 - DIO tools revamp first of all: I like the revamp of Dio Tools very much, everything is more organised now. Thanks a lot! I've noticed there are some minor bugs though: The new feature which I guess is meant to activate/deactivate speed bonusses, doesn't work. The check...
  15. Update to V2.95 - Changelog

    Afaik the community never asked for this kind of change to stone hail. Some of us (me included) have been asking for an option button: "send catapults with/without stonehail" - similar to breakthrough or revolt attack or attack with/without hero assistance. I wonder if anyone on Inno's side even...
  16. DIO-Tools (Official)

    A big thank you!
  17. DIO-Tools (Official)

    yes Diony, please fix it soon, big PLEASE with cherry on top :) We have a close wonder race on Taras (en-server) and filling the wonders without your great fill-button is a real pain when you have 80 cities LOL
  18. DIO-Tools (Official)

    WW share is your personal share in building the wonders (in relation to the alliance). It is the base for the following resource calculations. 1) the first bar shows how many resources you personally must send to fill this current wonder level: 404,000 res, you have sent more than 3,5 million...
  19. Update to V2.94 - Changelog

    yeah it is very confusing! When they changed the old farm trade some 5-6 weeks ago, they needlessly broke a working method. Today they changed it back, but only halfways -- the new arrows made the trading even worse and even more confusing I really don't get what was wrong with the original...
  20. Can't do favor quest while favor bonus is active

    System won't let me do a favor quest challenge ('Breaking from the past') while there is a favor bonus active on my city. See screenshot below. There is another favor quest in process ('A Ruler's Celebration') but IMHO that shouldn't affect the quest challenge I want to do now. World: Baris...