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  1. rclay321

    Is it fair to say the game is dead?

    Who are you? Your trash talk is about as lame as your Grepo "skills". The game has actually changed immensely since the start. Some for the good, some for the bad. Why do you want the halloween event to start so bad, it will just lead to your demise even faster
  2. rclay321

    The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Artemis - Evil Grin
  3. rclay321

    The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Zeus - Evil Grin
  4. rclay321

    Premades going in?

    and removing morale right
  5. rclay321

    The Divine Trials Of Hermes

    Athena - Evil Grin
  6. rclay321

    Change my Mind

    facinf a heavy gold abuser is more of a disadvantage than facing a botter
  7. rclay321

    PnP: Too much confidence

    Gold has everything to do with it. You can literally buy laurels for the event now. While it's true gold has been around forever, back in the day you couldn't really abuse it to the extent you can now. Honestly, it's a bit of a joke now. They wonder why they can't even get the first 4 oceans...
  8. rclay321


    I've taken quite some time off since my last world so I don't know how long this has been going on. I log into my browser tonight and get a message that you can get free Laurels with gold purchases, so I click on it to see what is going on. I see you can get 2500 with the $80 gold package. If...
  9. rclay321

    Who is here?

    I just joined a few days ago, checking things out
  10. rclay321

    Top 12, Obligatory Thread

    Who are you people
  11. rclay321

    Charl's Showroom?

    They were definitely here on the new forums. They were deleted months ago though
  12. rclay321

    Charl's Showroom?

    Mine’s gone too, not as much as what was in yours but still. They have been gone for a while now actually
  13. rclay321

    Rumor Mill

    I know that he claims to have a NAP with NC while at the exact same time NC is hitting the North branch and he even recalled his bir in his alliance mates city before attacks hit
  14. rclay321

    Rumor Mill

    do it, I am calling your bluff
  15. rclay321

    Whens the next world Starting?

    us6, i remember you
  16. rclay321

    how to add image in the Massage Box

    actually now all you have to do is copy the image address and insert is as an image
  17. rclay321

    Grepo-Info Stats

    Very nice, I like it
  18. rclay321

    Personality of the Month (PotM)

    What are the chances I can get a junkyard tee? Hoodie would be amazing. I love purple ships and would love to be able to show it to the world
  19. rclay321

    He's cut!

    Personally, I believe that a coalition is when 3 or more alliances come together for one common goal against a common enemy. 3 alliances attacking one is not necessarily a coalition unless they are working together with joint ops and defense sharing. Everyone's definition is different, that's...
  20. rclay321

    Whens the next world Starting?

    next world will more than likely be conquest