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  1. Unstoppable

    We are! Unstoppable! CoA TBA. I have decided to lead an alliance here in Naxos. We will be called Unstoppable. We will be going to Ocean 55 to begin Naxos. In Lamia, I tried leading an alliance. I will admit that I failed pretty badly. From that, I have learned from my mistakes. I used to play...
  2. The Naxos News

    For Naxos, I will be creating a newspaper. If you couldn't tell yet, it will be called. The Naxos News. This newspaper will have interviews, guest predictions, war scoreboards, and more. The first issure should come out around the end of bp.
  3. Define Active Member

    As most people know, at the bottom of the main forum screen, they show various numbers such as threads, posts, members, etc. They also show active members. This made me curious. How does the forums define an active member? If anyone knows the answer, can you please tell me? Thank you.
  4. Sink or Swim #3

    Since the other two sink or swim threads have gone inactive, I have decided to make a third thread. HYDRA Swim For now, they look like the top alliance. The only downside is that they are a little spread out. SimCity3000BC Swim Right now, they have taken control of their war against Hawks. They...
  5. Wars?

    Are there any major wars going on between alliances? There seems to be very little action going on right now. thisisgrepolis