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  1. World Discussion

    Funny how people are against pacts, and then end up in alliance with 2-3 wings.
  2. Logging in

  3. Top 12

    Excited to play with you again panda :D
  4. Trash Talk-

    Since you can't do it on this world, yeah, looking forward to next one. ;)
  5. Trash Talk-

    It's funny how Mayhem send 100 attacks to empty city, but when his teammates struggle to clear city he's nowhere to be seen. :D
  6. Trash Talk-

  7. Trash Talk-

    Hope Sunvaar comes back to live up this place :D
  8. Oropos map - 12.12.2016.

    Ooops :D
  9. Oropos map - 12.12.2016.

    Oropos map 6.4.2017.
  10. Oropos map - 12.12.2016.

    Quite a few changes. Will post current map below.
  11. TOP 10/12 Sink or Swim

    Haha this is epic. Too bad all your so called "real fighters" ghosted or ran in VM.
  12. TOP 10/12 Sink or Swim

    When Beer started attacking us we had two branches not even in top 20.
  13. TOP 10/12 Sink or Swim

    Hurry back I need more easy takes, this ghosts put damn good fight!!!
  14. TOP 10/12 Sink or Swim

    You will get your share :cool: Why are you posting when you're not playing either? o_Oo_Oo_O
  15. TOP 10/12 Sink or Swim

    Epic fall :)
  16. TOP 10/12 Sink or Swim

    Trixie you did well as our agent, we are very thankful. We couldn't hope for better person to spy for us. ;) Speaking of world becoming smaller, where are slots when you need them the most?!
  17. Trash Talk-

    Says someone who has 3x less BP then I do. Hilarious.
  18. Trash Talk-

    I will just assume you're joking and completely ignore your post.
  19. Trash Talk-

    You know, CS package rule? But considering your skills I wouldn't be surprised if you never heard of it. You're loudest when it comes to talking, but lamest when it comes to actual fight. I finally understand why you had problem with me sending many attacks. You haven't enough cities to send...
  20. Trash Talk-

    Funny, what number of attacks makes difference if you didn't defend? And I am curious, city had 1400 birs and 95 FTS when I got spy in, why you let me take city without fight? My CS had like 10 LS and I didn't time. Sea storm would've bounced it.