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  1. Determined To Be

    The final alliance name is not determined, but nonetheless, here it is. I had not originally intended to start my own alliance. Me and some friends have made Determined To Be now that we can not see a true powerhouse. Our goal is to become that powerhouse. If you want to join and are near the...
  2. Joining O55

    I'm going to go to O55 (Southeast). I have 4 years of experience and am ranked 12th in Lambda (US12), with over 250k points. If you want me in your area, come to O55 and recruit me if you are experienced as well. Also, pm me here on the forums.
  3. Any Veterans Playing?

    I was wondering if anyone here from before grepolis 2.0 (before you could "win" a world, had to send troops to farming villages each time, etc) was going to join this world. I've been playing around 4 years now, and I want to see if anyone is as old as I am when it comes to this game. I hope...